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Reasons for Windscreen Damages

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One of the most significant components of a vehicle is the windscreen.
One of the most significant components of a vehicle is the windscreen. In order to ensure security and comfort for the passengers, it is constantly in contact with harsh exterior conditions. The damage to the windscreen can be caused due to various reasons and so the windscreen chip or crack is a common problem faced by most car owners. A few among the various reasons that bring harm to your windscreen includes flying rocks, high impact while driving, accidents, etc. Some of the damages that need windscreen replacement in Sydney or repair can be caused due to various reasons and a few are mentioned below.

Poor or Improper Installation

There are high standards for windscreeninstallation, but mistakes happen. If the windscreenisn’t installed properly, it could be loose, and vibrations could then cause stress fractures.


Sunlight has much the same effect as temperature changes. It heats the metal near the edges faster than the middle of the windscreen and causes cracks. This may require car windscreen replacement in Sydney.

Changes in Temperature

Fluctuations in temperature, particularly if you use a defroster or even the car’s heater, can cause the glass to expand and contract. Because the glass heats faster around the edges, these expansions and contractions occur at different rates, and this leads to cracking.

Changes in Pressure

Pressure changes from things such as sudden high wind gusts, or even setting something heavy on the windscreen, could potentially be enough to create a crack that seems to come out of nowhere.

Imperfections in Glass

Your windscreen may have had a recall. Or there may have simply been a nearly invisible imperfection that you didn’t see.


Road accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. Depending on the intensity of the accident, the car’s windscreen can incur chips and cracks. It may even shatter during a high-intensity accident like a roll-over. Moreover, it is not unheard of when birds hit the car glass and it cracks on the spot, which leads to windscreen replacement in Sydney.

Quality of Glass

Modern car windscreens are constructed to ensure maximum protection at all times. Low-quality glass or windscreen might not provide equal strength and be hazardous to passengers. It is advisable to use a high-quality windscreen.

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