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Reasons why Bowral Doctors suggest Mums to join Mothers Group during the Pandemic!

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Being a new parent can be a very intimidating and an isolating experience, but no one talks about it.
Being a new parent can be a very intimidating and an isolating experience, but no one talks about it. New motherhood comes with so much pleasure and challenges. Women who were previously very energetic may find this change surprising.

It is an undeniable fact that mums need a lot of support from friends and family both emotionally and mentally. This is why doctors encourage new mums to join Mothers Group Southern Highlands. But during this pandemic, going out and meeting other mums in person has become almost impossible. So, how to handle this? Yes, you got it. Virtual Mothers Group meet-ups!

Pandemic and Virtual Mothers Group:

The COVID-19 pandemic has swepped across the World and it has locked us indoors. Adjusting to parenthood post delivery is not easy even under normal situations, let alone amid a global pandemic. As a new parent, the stress of the pandemic would spring from all directions. There are concerns about yours and your baby's health. Plus maybe you are struggling with financial uncertainties, the strain of caring for the baby while also working at the same time when you would otherwise lean on family and caregivers for support. There is a lot of uncertainty!

Getting in touch with other parents who are experiencing the same challenges is both encouraging and supporting. This is why Bowral doctors suggest mums and mums-to-be to join Virtual Mothers Group to ease the pressure by getting support from those who have come across the same situation before them. Most importantly, talking with other mums helps you remember that you are not alone!

Reasons to join Virtual Mothers Group during the Pandemic:

During this lockdown, the natural instinct of all new parents will be concerns about their baby’s health, their food intake, their growth and progress. In normal situations, parents will have access to paediatricians and obstetricians for their queries, and they would visit their doctors in the clinic to get the answer. However, today social distancing is becoming the norm and parents are being advised to stay at home as much as possible.

This is where mothers Group in Bowral can help. Together with other mums and bubs, you can make parenting easier even during the pandemic. Getting support from other mums and bubs can help ease your frustrations and troubleshoot what might be going on with the baby.

Most of all, mothers Group Southern Highlands allows you to discuss your concerns with doctors who themselves are mothers, dieticians, nutritionists physiotherapist and other mums like you.

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The author is a doctor. Aiming to help his patients find an instant support network with other local mums and bubs in Highlands who have had babies at a similar time, he facilitates virtual Mothers Group meet-ups for mums in Southern Highlands. Visit for details.

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