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Red Cross Builds - Recent Study Indicates People Choose SMS over Facebook

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Further, according to Butters, it’s important for organizations to understand these trends if they want to reach customers.
A recent study published by the Public Relations agency, Prompt Communications, shows that more people in the U.S. choose SMS as their primary method of communication. A small study of 300 Boston-based respondents indicated that the Text Message API on mobile devices was the number one method of connecting with others.

While respondents indicated that text messaging was their Message Media of choice, the next most common method was Facebook, followed closely by electronic mail or e-mail. According to Hazel Butters, CEO of Prompt Communications, Facebook is the most popular social network with over 350 million global users, so it’s no surprise that people use it as a primary tool of communication; however the survey results indicate that people still prefer to tap out messages on their phones and pass them to the SMS Service Providers for delivery.

Further, according to Butters, it’s important for organizations to understand these trends if they want to reach customers where they are, and as attitudes and habits change, businesses have to stay ahead of the trends.
One of the primary concerns with the use of social networking is the possibility that a current or potential employer may see the personal profiles of their employees. Over 73% of respondents indicated that this was a concern for them. Using SMS Gateway APIs, sending text messages from their mobile devices seems quicker and safer for employees.

Mobile payments and SMS donations have come a long way in just a few years. The American Red Cross received a record $25 million in donations to Haiti relief efforts thanks to SMS messaging software. An unprecedented number of mobile users accessed the text-to-donate SMS Solution and the Red Cross used the opportunity to build out an SMS database like never before.

Users who texted the word HAITI to 90999 and donated $10 received a confirmation text from the SMS gateway providers asking them to respond by texting ‘yes’ to confirm their donation. Once the donation was processed, and the donation was added to a user’s wireless bill, the SMS messaging software send a text thanking the user for their donation and asked them to opt-in to get further Red Cross bulk text messaging communications. The result was 130,000 mostly older users who opted to receive future SMS text message communications.

The Haiti relief effort marked the first attempt by the Red Cross to design a mobile SMS database using SMS donations as the primary driver. With the help of a strong message media campaign that drove action and made donating simple, the Red Cross is now poised to initiate future bulk text messaging campaigns with even greater chance of success.

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