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Renewable Energy solutions Replacing Fossil Fuels

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The use of renewable energy solutions has been increasing day by day because of the potential risk involved with fossil fuels to get receded sooner or later. Wind water and solar are replacing fossil fuels and have become good renewable energy solutions.
The rising alarm of diminishing fossil fuel in the next forty years must make the world to feel energy crisis sooner or later. The growing concern on receding fossil fuel reserves has urged the human folk to cut back their dependency on fossil fuels. It reports are to be believed, nearly half of the world’s oil reserves are emptied and it’s time for everyone to think of alternative renewable energy solutions to prevent fossil fuel extinction and minimize the level of pollution. The benefit of preferring renewable resources is that they never get emptied like coal, oil and gas. You can accomplish all your energy requirements with renewable resources like wind, solar and water (hydro).

It has been reported that wind is an expensive renewable energy solution as compared to other sources, even though, technology today has left no stone unturned in efficiently generating wind energy at lower cost. Basically, wind has been considered as an unreliable alternative energy resource. Like all other sources of alternative energy, the expenditure in harnessing wind energy is higher than other traditional sources. As a result, the advantage of using wind as a renewable energy solution is suppressed by the cost it incurred in generating. A study conducted by Midwestern wind farms in the USA has been revealed that they yield 17 to 39 percent return on the power consumed by them whereas the standard return on a coal plant is just 11 percent.

Among all the renewable energy solutions, solar energy steals the show in terms of its cost and abundance. This energy is suitable to meet the demand of large power consumption needs by installing a solar power plant. In addition, you can also use it as an alternative source of earning by selling the surplus power to a power company. Initially, you have to invest on the installing of the solar power system that would eventually give you significant returns on your investment and help you earn money continuously.

Water is another alternative renewable energy solution that dominates 70 percent part of our planet. In the Unites States, water is used as a prosperous hydro-electricity energy source that can meet the power consumption demand of various industry verticals.

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