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Reseller VoIP- Huge Profits at Negligible Investments

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The reseller VoIP agency is an easy way of making heavy profits through negligible inputs. You can know about it through the internet.
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service through which you can make long distance calls at much lower rates than the traditional phone calls. This process uses internet as an effective medium of making the calls. A recent survey says that, in the year 2010 the market demand will surge up to 45 million usages in compare to 2006 where the VoIP market was still in its nascent stage with only around 15 million usages. A large number of people are now becoming the resellers of VoIP as a reaction to the high demands of the customers. Let's know more about who is a reseller.

Resellers of VoIP

This lucrative scheme of buying the reseller services from the VoIP service provide is open for everyone. This business allows the person to set up his/her business at negligible cost and earn huge returns. You can become a VoIP reseller by taking the agency from a wholesale dealer of VoIP. The reseller services can be availed by the retailers, internet service providers, call shops and any other interested business entities. Reseller services of VoIP need no backbone operations, infrastructure setup, development and conducting exhaustive research. Come let's explore the benefits of this sector.

Benefits of reseller VoIP program

• The resellers are given full privilege to re-brand the services and sell with their own names attached to it.

• They will also be given the exclusive custom configured SIP proxy and the VoIP ATA provisioning systems.

• The online tools will be provided that effectively generates recurring revenues from all the existing and future clients. All these are done without any kinds of technical, logistical and regulatory chores.

• They will also be provided exclusive N level reseller panel with call shop support and customizable IVR's.

• Free mobile dialer and SIP soft phone will be customized to the portal of the resellers.

• One will also be provided easy to use billing and customer account management interfaces.

• One will also be provided SIP encryption for all the VoIP blocked countries.

Start by asking whom to contact for the reseller agency.

Online wholesale dealers of the reseller agencies

There are many wholesale dealers who will provide you reseller agencies at affordable rates. You can contact them through online channels. For more information kindly search the net.

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