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Responsive Web Design and Its SEO Benefits

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With over 60% of the queries in Search Engines arising from smart phones and tablets, it has become a need to offer a user-friendly mobile experience for the visitors.
With over 60% of the queries in Search Engines arising from smart phones and tablets, it has become a need to offer a user-friendly mobile experience for the visitors. Hence Responsive Web Design Albuquerque has become a necessity in today’s world!

What does Responsive Web Design have to do with SEO?

After Google’s stress on the “Mobile First Index,” responsive design is considered as a standard metric to be followed among every web design company in Albuquerque. According to a study conducted by Google – “75% of users prefer a mobile-friendly site, 96% of consumers say they've encountered sites that were clearly not designed for mobile devices.” This is a big opportunity for the businesses that are looking to engage with the mobile users.

Here are the top SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

- Mobile First Technology

After the Google has emphasized mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, Responsive web design has become a priority in SEO. If your website is not optimized for the ‘mobile first’, your potential customers are sure to move to your competitor’s website, as your competitor might outrank you in the rankings.

- Do away with the Duplicate Content

Many companies have been using two versions, a desktop version and a mobile version. At times, this leads to duplication of content around the web. Always keep in mind, the Google Bots, consider distinctive URL as a unique page/website.

Eg: If your domain is ‘’ or ‘m.,’ here you will notice, that there are two versions one for mobile and other for desktop. In this case, the Google bots are not equipped to understand that these both are the same label. And you will be hit with Google Penalty for duplicating the contents. Using the mobile first approach will allow you to fuse the website contents to a single and unique URL.

- Reduced Bounce Rate

The user behavior on your analytics matters. Only when your website provides the best user experience, it is sure to rank high for a search query. The following are the signs of a poor user experience –

• Increased Bounce Rate

• Minimal Time spent on the website

• Low traffic/Page views

• Less number of clicks

When 67% of mobile users state, “When they visit a mobile-friendly site, they're more likely to buy a site's product or service,” It is vital that your website pays attention to offer a good user experience. The more quickly, your users leave your website, the higher will be the bounce rate. Hence it is necessary to have a well optimized mobile site that is engaging and presents relevant information. This will lead the users to spend more time on the pages!

- Faster Page Speed

Page Speed is a known ranking Factor! It is necessary to optimize the website to load as quickly as possible to rank well in the search engines. This is a constant message from Google for over years now. This is one of the reasons, why Google acclaims to use Responsive web design Albuquerque.

As business owners, it is your duty to make sure to offer the users with a better experience, hence make sure to follow the above factors when you enhance your website design Albuquerque.

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