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Rug Cleaning Options To Consider

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More often than not, we pay little attention to the rug we step on. True, it adds accent to the floor and enhances the furnishings. But rugs contribute more than aesthetics.
More often than not, we pay little attention to the rug we step on. True, it adds accent to the floor and enhances the furnishings. But rugs contribute more than aesthetics. Aside from protecting the floor that it covers, the soft texture of rugs makes them comfortable to walk on.

The fact that they are stepped on makes regular maintenance necessary. Rugs are likely trap dirt, dust, and allergens that could lead to an unhealthy environment. For this reason, they have to be kept as clean as possible through proper rug cleaning.

Do It Yourself Cleaning

Especially for those whose budget is limited, doing the cleaning yourself may be the best option. And if it is not an expensive Persian rug or an antique family heirloom, this may be advisable.

When it comes to rug cleaning, the axiom “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” applies. This means that it is best not to get your rug dirty in the first place. This may be achieved by placing dirt traps at the entrances. And the accumulation of dust can be minimized by regular vacuuming. But oftentimes, accidents happen in spite of our precautions. Juice may spill on the rug or Fido may lose control of his gall bladder and relieved himself on it. In cases like these, the following steps are recommended:

1. Address the problem immediately. This will minimize the seepage of fluid into the rug fibers.

2. Start the rug cleaning by vacuuming, and get as much dirt out.

3. Then apply mild liquid soap on the affected area. You can use a firm sponge or soft brush for this purpose.

4. Rinse thoroughly, but use the minimum amount of water to facilitate fast drying.

5. Remove as much water as possible.

6. Air dry the rug, and make sure that both sides are dry before laying it back.

There are commercially available stain removers that may be used. But make sure that it is appropriate for the fiber type of your rug.

Bring in the Professionals

Some stains will require professional attention. And especially if you are dealing with expensive Persian rugs and sensitive antique heirlooms, it is best that you have qualified professionals, like rug cleaning Melbourne, deal with these. Needless to say, you will have to spend for the cleaning. But if you choose the right rug cleaning professional, your money is well spent.

Prior to the actual cleaning process, the rug is evaluated to determine its overall condition. Based on this, the appropriate cleaning procedure is affected. More often than not, this involves dusting, shampooing, and stain removal. After which, the rug is properly dried.

When choosing a professional cleaner, it is best to obtain the service of an IICRC certified technician. These individuals have undergone extensive training in rug and carpet cleaning, and this will ensure that your valuable rug will be given the treatment it deserves. And they are also well-trained in the area of customer service.

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