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Send Mass SMS Messages Using Text Messaging Gateway and Shortcodes

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To send mass SMS messages, companies use SMS shortcodes and text messaging gateways which allow them to connect with their customers, suppliers and staff. Shortcodes are small telephone numbers that are used for sending SMS for call to action purposes and engage the customers. The SMS gateway acts as a bridge between SMS sender and mobile operators.
Companies offering mass text messaging and SMS services have been mushrooming across the world because of the rising trend of business communication through text messages and SMS. Several businesses are resorting to this form of communication because it is a cost-effective way of reaching out to the desired audience through personalised messages, and also connecting with the staff and suppliers.

The process of sending mass SMS and text messages has two major requirements- SMS shortcodes and text messaging gateway. SMS messages can be sent to the customers, employees and suppliers in large quantities by establishing a text messaging gateway and SMS shortcodes.

SMS shortcodes are the special telephone numbers that have 4-5 digits and are mostly used for commercial purpose. The business-related SMS messages are sent through these shortcodes, which are easy to read and remember. They give identity to the business and are used for call to action purpose. The SMS shortcodes play an inevitable role in the sales and marketing strategies of most of the businesses. Each service provider has a distinct shortcode and they sign a mutual agreement to prevent overlapping of the shortcodes.

Discussed below are the advantages of having SMS shortcodes for sending mass SMS messages:
Help you to stay in touch with your clients, staff and associates.
Supports strong business relationship of companies with their customers.
A cost-effective way of catching the attention of the target audience.
No constraints of time and distance for sending messages through shortcodes.
Facilitates viral marketing.
Immediate call-to-action.

Text messaging gateway not only allows sending mass SMS messages from mobile phones, but also from the computer or PC. This device facilitates SMS transit by connecting with the communication protocols of the SMS centres of different telecom companies and interconnecting them for exchange of text messages.

It is important to choose the right text messaging gateway provider in order to facilitate SMS traffic between businesses and mobile subscribers. The text messaging gateway provider can be categorised as aggregators and SS7 providers. The aggregator service providers are based on multiple agreements with different mobile carriers to facilitate two-way SMS traffic in and out of the operator’s SMSC. The text messaging gateway provider with SS7 connectivity allows routing of SMS messages directly through SS7 protocol. It gives the provider total control and visibility of the entire process of SMS routing. This type of SMS gateway provider allows sending text messages directly to and from recipients, without going through the SMS centres of other mobile operators, which leads to prevention of delays and message losses. Most of the businesses prefer using the model with SS7 connectivity as it ensures high performance and accurate results.

Discussed below are the advantages of using text messaging gateway for the mass text messaging services:

Easy adaptability to different service providers.
Least cost routing.
Sender personalisation.
Allows contact and address book management.
Provides history of SMS delivery.
Necessary for sending time-bound, mission-critical messages.
Ensures fast delivery of text messages.
Messages can be imported from a datasheet or created and inserted into a database.
Supports Easy two-way SMS integration.
Allow prioritisation of messages.

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