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Some meditation techniques that you can try at home

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Meditation is the most rational and also one of the most analytical way of lifting the mind into the highest levels of spirituality.
It is imperative to say that meditation teaches you inner peace and calmness in the most difficult of situations in the most spiritual way. Meditation, in other words, enlighten a human mind in all possible aspects. It transforms and nurtures all the qualities of an individual and relieves the daily life stress and tension. It helps in changing the negative thoughts into positive ones and all these can be done within oneself and with lots of focus and determination.

Here are some popular meditation techniques that you can try at home:

The concentrative technique for meditation: you can begin by focussing your mind on a picture, a sound like the mantra chants or by just controlling the breathing. This kind of meditation stills the mind and also gives you awareness and clarity of the mind. It can be done simply with the help of breathing control. This will also help you in alerting your mind in a positive manner.

Zen meditation: the zen meditation technique is such that it focuses the attention of the mind towards the feelings, sensations and thoughts of the mind. While meditating, you would require stopping thinking about anything and making your mind blank and free. This will also result in a calm and alert mind.

The japa meditation: it is mainly performed to remove the tension and stress from life. It gives you inner peace. It also gives you happiness that results from within. It involves the chanting of a mantra that is usually given by the Guru. The mantra is usually in the name of God. You can chant the mantra slowly or softly within yourself. It usually involves the chanting of the mantra for at least 108 times. You can also perform this meditation while attending a temple or while you are worshiping your God in a peaceful environment.

It is named as Japa meditation since it involves the counting of the bead string that is known as Japa mala or the rosary. There are many more meditation techniques available in the world. If you are interested, you can gather books, CDs and DVDs on the various techniques of meditation. Once you are thorough with the various techniques of meditation you will be able to feel radiant from within. You will not only enjoy a healthy life but you will also be the owner of a beautiful blemish free skin from within.

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