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Steel Water Bottles are More Bio-Friendly than Plastic Ones

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Stainless steel water bottles are a safe medium to drink water from. They are available in markets with different features, shapes and colors.
Steel is an alloy of iron and is made to use in a variety of products such as stainless utensils or as a matter of fact steel water bottles. Using steel water bottles not only proves to be more environmental friendly, but also 100 percent safe and Biphenol A or BPA free. Bottles made from plastic are not safe to use. Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance, which is harmful to health as well as to the environment. Therefore, products especially plastic bottles should not be used for drinking purpose.

These days’ markets offer a wide range of steel bottles with varied features. Some of the steel bottles have filtering feature in them that filters water while drinking it, while some are stylish with vibrant colors of red, blue, green and yellow. Apart from a wide variety of steel water bottles, ones with insulated layers are liked the most. The insulated layers provide protection to the steel body of the bottle, while keeping the water cold or hot as per the requirement of people.

Steel over Plastic

Carrying clean drinking water in a hygienic plastic bottle is safe, but water stored in a stainless steel insulated bottle is healthier. Stainless steel is 100 percent recyclable alloy of iron, but bottles made by using plastic are neither safe nor healthy to use as a daily commodity. The hazardous effects of plastic not only pose threat to the environment, but also to the health of human beings. Thus, using steel bottles is safer than using plastic bottles.

Various Designs and Patterns

Steel water bottles are available in numerous designs, shapes and colors. If some have filter system incorporated in them, the others come with insulated screw tops or straw bottles. Kids love to explore different types of bottles, so buy them stainless bottles with twist top feature that enables the water to flow fluently. People, who are active in sports, can carry along sport flow bottles or loop cap bottles, which not only looks trendy but stylish at the same time.
Don’t worry about the price and capacity, as these bottles come at affordable prices and with a capacity of less than or over one liter.

Cons of using Stainless Steel Utensils or Water Bottles

The only con of using a stainless steel product like water bottles is that they have to be cleaned with soda or vinegar. This is because, using chlorine based cleaners or strong detergent soaps can damage the protective layer of steel insulator, while spoiling it for any further use.

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