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Sustainability Strategy - Run a Successful Business and Get Recognized

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Sustainable growth is one of the biggest challenges any business leader faces, but it isn’t a new problem.
Sustainable growth is one of the biggest challenges any business leader faces, but it isn’t a new problem. Every industry faces increasing pressure from customers, employees, shareholders, and governmental entities to develop sustainable practices.

As businesses evolve in their efforts, they are also developing plans that incorporate sustainability and resource management into their operations. In order to track their efforts, sustainable resource management programs like CSR in Myanmar are being implemented more often to reduce the complexity of the problems.

So, what are the Steps to build the business sustainability strategy and getting it recognized?

1. Get To Know And Engage With Your Stakeholders - Know both the positive and negative aspects of every person, group and company.

2. Understand Your Sustainability Risks - Know that your product or the service you offer is critical to focusing your efforts on areas that will have the highest impact by undertaking a thorough materiality assessment.

3. Gathering The Right Data And Setting Targets – The only way to show people that you’re improving your environmental and social performance is to obtain credible data and set targets against it.

4. Seek Feedback And Continually Improve - Get feedback from the stakeholders, people and your customers, and keep improving and managing the risks based on the outcomes of the feedback.

To make these things possible and to run a risk-free business, contact the right sustainability consultancy.

How Sustainability Consultancy Can Help You?

The role of a Sustainability Consultancy is to shape sustainability and foster healthy relationships between businesses, civil society organizations and government. It also provides the necessary tools, training and platform to create a stronger and more sustainable future for everyone.

They implement,

• Grievance Mechanisms

• Corporate Social Responsibility

What Will You Get by Implementing Grievance Mechanisms?

Implementing grievance mechanism in Myanmar leads to the development of successful partnerships fostered between the largest and most respectable companies operating in Oil and Gas and Agriculture and their project affected communities.

• Develop a partnership with their workers and communities

• Identify and resolve issues before they elevate

• Reduce their operational and reputational risk

• Evaluate the performance of their E&S management system

Sustainability Consultancy’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility helps you to build a reputation as a responsible business. Corporate Social Responsibility related services by the sustainability consultancy in Myanmar includes,

• Local and community investment development plan

• Satisfaction survey

• Policy making

• Research study of the project affected area

• Socio-economic Impact assessment study

• Training and Capacity Building

• Preparation of CSR budget

• Preparation of the CSR Plan & Procedures

• Monitoring and Evaluation of CSR Program

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