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The Must-Have Glassware Items Every Restaurant Must Carry

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When running a restaurant, there are certain glassware items considered as necessities. This article explains the must-haves of restaurant glassware, from sidewalk tavern to upscale dining.
Choosing the perfect restaurant glassware is probably one of the most meticulous tasks one will experience. A restaurant should be able to serve all types of drinks, be it alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks. There are plenty of glassware to choose from in order to make sure every customer's dining experience is satisfying. Although there are countless numbers of restaurant glassware, these glassware are the absolute must haves in each and every restaurant (assuming that they serve both alcohol and non alcohol drinks).

The first basic glassware that every restaurant must have are drinking glasses which consists of water glasses and juice glasses. It is obvious from their names that these glasses are specifically used for water and juice respectively. It would be weird to serve water or juice in a wine or lowball (for whisky or iced alcohol drinks) glass right?

Also, stemware are extremely important as certain people are very particular of how their drinks are presented and served. Stemware is crucial for serving wine, martinis, cocktails and champagne. The reason why stemware have a bowl on top, a stem and lastly a flat base is so that people can hold the glass by its stem. These drinks mentioned earlier are often served without ice and if a person holds the glass by the bowl, the temperature of the drink is affected by heat from the hand. Thus, the stem comes in handy.

Restaurants can never go wrong by having different types of beer glasses ready. Many people are not aware that there are assorted kinds of beer glasses available. More than one can possible imagine. Each and every one of the glass has its specific purposes. Few of them are, Pilsner glasses which are used for pale beer, pint glasses are used for beers poured from a tap and wheat beer glass is used for wheat beers. Believe it or not some of these beer glasses can provide a better foam head and even produce a more aromatic smell. Beer glass like the flute glass maintains the carbonation of the drink and also gives a more aromatic front. All those nitty-gritty details actually improves how the beer tastes

Not forgetting glassware to serve non-alcoholic drinks, such as coffee mugs. Restaurants must equip themselves with the best coffee mugs because they need to give the customer a better experience of drinking coffee in the restaurant compared to drinking it from their own favourite mug at home.

Dessert glasses play an important part as well. Martini glasses can be used as a dessert glass but the only problem with that is, it can easily topple over since it is heavier on top. Doing this would be dangerous and cause unnecessary mishaps especially if a child accidentally gets hurt. Dessert glasses are way much stable and safer with children around. The presentation of the dessert is also better when using a dessert glass. Dessert glasses usually have some patterns at the bottom part to make it look attractive.

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