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Things That Could Void Your Prenuptial Contract

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When two people have agreed to get married then it means that you both agreed to share their life together, share their future together and share their assets together.
When two people have agreed to get married then it means that you both agreed to share their life together, share their future together and share their assets together. If you are not comfortable sharing your assets to your soon to be partner then you have the option of drafting a prenuptial contract.

This contract protects your current assets and some of your soon to be assets while you are married. With this contract you are legally giving your partner legal rights to have some of your fortune while at the same time protecting most of the assets that you currently own.

Prenuptial agreement is a very complex matter. There are a lot of loopholes and tricks that you need to take into consideration before your lawyers can draft your prenuptial contract. If you have a very good lawyer or if you have hired someone with advanced knowledge with all the changes happening in the divorce law, then you can rest assure that no matter what, you are in the right hands.

The prenuptial law varies widely from one state to another. Apart from this, it also changes with time, so you might want to consider hiring a lawyer for this matter. You can also search for more information about this from for free.

As mentioned earlier, prenuptial contract is not a perfect draft of what you can and you cannot protect, it is very complicated. A lot of couples face validity issues when filing for a divorce because of some reasons and here are some of them:

1. It could be because the state where you filed your prenuptial agreement made a change to their rules. And since the law is evolving, your prenuptial agreement may not be enforceable. Generally, the trend in legislature court is becoming more permissive rather than limiting since 1985.

2. It could be because one or both parties moved in to a different state than where they originally filed their prenuptial contract. If the state they field their divorce has different set of rules or law limiting or permitting some of the listed agreement, your prenuptial agreement may not be enforceable or some part of your prenuptial agreement is not enforceable to that state.

3. Your prenuptial agreement could also be voided due to special circumstances. For example, if both parties have declared almost the same income and then one of them became seriously injured, are unable to resume work and are completely dependent to his or her partner’s income for a living. This may change the enforceability of your prenuptial agreement.

In spite of all these, your prenuptial agreement is still a good way for both parties to give control over the division of their assets during divorce. It is best that you consult a qualified lawyer for this matter before you get yourself into a marriage.

You may also want to research for more information about prenuptial agreement from different states. Although there are a lot of things that may void your prenuptial contract, by proactively targeting those loopholes can save you a whole lot.

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