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Things to know for buying a superior quality Granite Slab in Sydney

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If you want your kitchen to have all the bells and whistles, granite is the best option for you.
If you want your kitchen to have all the bells and whistles, granite is the best option for you. It is extremely durable, tough and most importantly easy to maintain.

At Avant Stone we believe in being the granite slab supplier in Sydney that sources only the best granite slabs available from around the globe. Our aim is to be a high-quality granite supplier in Sydney that bring you variety of colours and textures which will enhance your design spaces. Our beautiful range of granite slab and marble slabs in Sydney are ideal for various applications for many homemakers as well as design professionals.

Granite is composed of various minerals such as feldspar, mica and many more giving it a granular and crystal appearance. Its grainy look makes it strikingly appealing. The ideal thing about granite is that no two pieces look alike. As it is a natural stone formed by magma under different temperatures, there is an elegant and unique graining and veining in each piece. Granite slabs have been used for thousands of years from Mount Rushmore to the modern architectures and interior designs till date. Considered as one of the most durable and hard material it can withstand high pressure and abrasion making the granite slabs an ideal material to be used as flooring with high traffic as well as in residential premises. Granite slabs also possess a great quality of chemical and heat resistance making it ideal to use as kitchen benchtops and vanity. Its application isn’t limited to interior spaces, but it has also performed exceptionally well when designed for any exterior environments.

Moreover, like any other natural stone slab, granite slabs have to be sealed to prevent staining. Granite slabs requires less repairs and are low maintenance surface range. All its’s repair and sealing can be easily done by an experienced stonemason or fabricator.

Avant Stone is a granite supplier of some of the best finishes including honed, polished and leathered Granite Slabs in Sydney. The feel of a textured finish of a natural stone like granite slab and marble slab creates a unique feeling where one can truly feel the earthy heartiness of a natural stone.

Avant Stone – Your Granite Slab Supplier in Sydney

We encourage our customers to visit our centrally located showroom during their selection process for ease of understanding the properties and appearance of each of our unique granite slabs and marble slabs in Sydney.

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