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Tips To Choose the Right Colour Rug for Your Home

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Most people shopping designer shag rugswonder how to choose a rug colour that suits their space most.
Most people shopping designer shag rugswonder how to choose a rug colour that suits their space most. Of course, the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the hallway, even the porch or foyer needs something different. Colour schemes you choose indoors and outdoors can differ. We will help you pick the best rugs to enhance the overall ambience depending on your wall colour

Choice of Rich colour

When we say choose rich rug colours, we mean going for deep or dark shades. For example: a dark, navy-blue rug. A deep red or maroon rug may look great too. White-coloured walls or walls with luminous colours are perfect for the rug to show up and boost the general atmosphere of space.

Choosing right colour

Usually interior decorators recommend selecting a rug colour with soft white shag rugfor slight spaces, as this assists you in making your living room look larger. When your room already has dark walls, then light rug colours will make the rug stand out in a good manner

Choosing contrasting shades

Soft or dark shades combine well to create a beautiful contrast according to most renowned interior designers. When you have warm colours on the wall like orange, yellow or red, you can buy contrasting collared rugs to create a balanced look. You may also consider the colour of the furniture in the room, in addition to this. If you have contrasting throw-pillows in your couch then you can buy a rug colour that combines both colours and blends well with walls anddoing that right will givean elegant, comfortable and classy look for your home.

Choosing cool colours

The cool colours in the rug help to create a soothing atmosphere in the living room. These prefer to turn down the colours of the noisy wall which can often make the nerves feel drained. For example: Walls of bright yellow, red, and green, can make us feel stressed at work after a hectic day. Sometimes when you get home, the right colours of rugs will make you feel stress-free and comfortable almost instantly.

Choosing dark colours

Dark collared tugs are not suitable for every home or living space. There are certain aspects to keep in mind, such as area lighting. You'll just make it look gloomy and uninviting if you're using a dark rug in an already boring region. At the other side, using dark colour rugs in an environment that is naturally lit, with wide windows, makes the rug appear cosy and very attractive.

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