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Tips To Prepare Your Song For Mastering Service

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The online mastering services involve the process of preparing your music for distribution.
The online mastering services involve the process of preparing your music for distribution. This process is different from music production and online mixing service. The mastering service needs the specific set of equipment and skilled experts and this is the reason why most people prefer outsourcing the audio mastering engineer. If you are about to outsource your audio mastering work, then you need to follow a few simple steps to make the mastering process to go smooth and get back your mastered song in short time.

Send The Metadata And Track Notes To Your Mastering Engineer

Finally, make sure that your mastering engineer has everything necessary to produce a quality master. This goes for naming files appropriately to including all essential details in your notes. Even if you meet with the mastering engineer face-to-face, it is still a good idea to have specific requirements written down in detail.

Submit Multiple Versions Of Your Track At Once

It might be a good idea to send the mastering engineer an instrumental mix of the track along with the full version during the online mastering services. You never know if you might need an instrumental in the future, and it will likely save you considerable time, money, and effort to have both versions mastered at once. Having the instrumental and full version mastered by the same engineer will also ensure consistency if there is ever a need to use both tracks in the same environment.

Leave Space At The Beginning And End Of Your Track

You have to make sure that you are not trimming any of the information from your track at the start or end, while sending your material for online music mastering. In common, most of the new music producers render only the region in between the ‘start’ and ‘end’ of the track. This can result in lead-ins being omitted from the start, or sustained sections or reverb tails being chopped off from the end. To avoid such situations, you have to leave a bit of space before the start, and after the end of your material.

Finalize Your Mix

Your final mix that you will be sending to your mastering engineer should be as close to your creative vision as possible. This typically means that the levels are appropriately balanced, there are no wayward peaks or inaudible sections, and the mix is reasonably similar in tonal quality to other tracks within its genre. As mentioned previously, mixing is an altogether separate process from mastering and as such, it would be best to cover it on its own.

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