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UPS Control Software: Enhance the UPS Functionality and Resilience

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UPS control software provides user-friendly UPS management by displaying real time information critical data like UPS load and battery charge percentage in the form of charts. The software are secure and easy to use and carries out sequential and priority-based shutdown.
With the help of latest technologies regular up-gradation and enhancement is carried out in almost every field to improve and enhance the product quality and features to meet the current requirements. Following the same trend, UPS control software was developed to enhance the functionality and resilience of the latest UPSs. The UPS control software is a microprocessor-controlled system, which provide real-time information and alarm notifications at local, network and remote site locations. This UPS control software proves to be an ideal tool that greatly help to reduce the operating costs for any business. The software has multi platform compatibility and program their own shutdown procedures.

UPS Control Software Functions

The prime function of the UPS monitor software is to monitor the mains voltage, UPS load and battery charge and it also allows remote interrogation of operating parameters and UPS logs to find out faults and alarms. The real time information for critical data like mains voltage, UPS load and battery charge percentage is displayed in the form of bar charts. Apart from these some of the significant functions of UPS control software are as follows:

UPS control software allows remote interrogation of UPS logs to diagnose potential faults and instruct the software to perform an automated shut down of the PC and server protection through the UPS.

The software also warn of impending failure of power protection systems peripheral parts like batteries, fans, and capacitors so that immediate action can be taken to repair at low cost.

The software perform controlled and automated shut down of computer thereby eliminating the risk of damage like system crash, which is more likely in the case of power failure. Personnel are also free during the continuous power time to perform other valuable tasks.

UPS various details like current status, load, battery charging state, environmental conditions like humidity and temperature, and the electrical characteristics is displayed with the help of the software.

After configuration the software can be well integrated with other building management systems to monitor power protection systems like air-conditioning, generators, and fire suppression equipment.

Track of events like self-tests, power interruptions are kept with the help of these software, which is useful for keeping track of power interruption when one is away from the computer.

One can set up a testing schedule with the help of the UPS control software.

The software is configured to send alarms and notifications to the connected PC whenever it encounters a problem or switches to battery operation.

The most vital function of the software is the automatic shutdown when the PC is unattended for a specific time or whenever there is a power problem.

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