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UPS Control Software Mounts Life of a UPS Unit

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UPS Control Software plays an important role in providing extended status information and control over the function of a UPS unit. A reputed online store offers the software at economical rate.
An Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), popularly work as a battery back-up, provides emergency power to all its connected equipments by supplying power from a separate source when utility power is absconding. For running a UPS successfully, one requires UPS control software as it gives extended status information and control over the function of a UPS unit. There are a number of UPS control software is available in the market, but some of the common include UpSilon 2000, Win Power, Client Mate, Power Shield, Web Power and etc. These all pieces of software differ in their function, but some of the functions fall in general categories. Some of the common general categories functions of the UPS control software include:

Automatic Shutdown: Most of the UPS software is available with the feature of automatic shutdown. This means it shuts down the computer when the computer is not attended by any user during the absence of utility power.

Status: This software helps its users to have various statuses concerning the UPS such as its load, the battery's charge state, UPS temperature, humidity, etc.

Diagnostics: Being UPS control software, individuals can test on the UPS and its functions.

Logging: This software is very helpful for keeping track of various events including self-tests, power interruptions etc. It also enables one with information like the time period for which the power was interrupted and the system remained shut down.

PC Alarms: The software is made keeping in mind to send information to the connected computer if it comes across a problem and switches to battery operation.

Advantages UPS Control Software

UPS monitoring and control software shows real time information concerning mains voltage, UPS load and battery charge percentage. UPS control software purchased from a reliable and branded store helps in maximizing the power backup time and enhancing the performance of the battery up to a adequate time.

Buying UPS Control Software

Buying UPS software is very easy for internet freak people as all the reputed and branded stores sell their products and services through the internet. They sell the software and offer its services at lowest possible rates. So, no need to waste your precious time, just search on the net and apply for the software.

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