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Using Back Links for Competitive Link Building Campaigns

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Like any internet marketing concept, successful link building requires a continuous course of brainstorming ideas to improve the present campaigns and introduce fresh ones. Always remember that your treasure trove of ideas for link building comes from the source competitors' back links.
While dealing with any link building project, one of the most common recommendations we follow is to identify who links to our competitors, and then request them for link. Commonly, the procedure is well known as back linking the competitors. Although regarded as one of the most successful link building techniques, it may have a few diversions and loopholes and thus, needs to be executed smartly and intelligently.

Contacting people who link to your competitors

As per the appropriate method, it is first required to derive a list of sites that link to your competitors. Once the list is accrued, contact these sites and request them to link to you. Interestingly, this process can be executed with the help of a number of programs such as Majestic SEO, and Link Diagnosis.

Post the collection of data, the next task is to prioritize the sites. For this purpose, it is recommended to use metrics such as Page Rank as this will you exact idea about sites providing the most important links to the competitor. However, do not follow this link building technique too blindly because many times, a website having low page rank can also be extremely relevant to your website.

Post prioritization, it is required to identify who to contact to request the link and use of scrapper software for this purpose is not recommended. Scraping contact information off the web is breaching CAN-SPAM Act. Moreover, scrapers frequently bring the wrong contacts. Therefore, the best is to use inexpensive human resources. Professionals can easily recognize the right contact information, and can measure the significance of the link as per your website.

After this process, the much awaited mailing task may begin. Start contact these selected sites and request for links. Ensure to be respectful and appear genuine with your message so that your recipients take interest in reading your mail and reverting as per your wishes.

The significance of back linking

On analyzing your competitor's back links, you actually open yourself to a whole new galore to relevant information. Identify to nature of the websites that are linking to them and match its relevance as per your theme or niche in detail.

From a piece of content on the competitor's site to a special promotional program, market sector offering highest number of links, related market sectors, several factors are needed to be considered. Always remember that successful link building needs an unremitting practice of brainstorming ideas to perk up the existing campaigns and bring in the new ones.

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