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What Are The Best Colours To Paint The Exterior Of A House?

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Whether you are looking to paint your new house, an old residence or even your carriage house.
Whether you are looking to paint your new house, an old residence or even your carriage house, choosing the perfect colour for the exteriors can bring a remarkable effect on the looks of your house. This not only increases the curb appeal, but also upsurges the market value of the home by offering a rejuvenated new house feeling.

Here are a few colour scheme suggestions from the professionals in condo painting Toronto that will help you choose the perfect tone for your residence.

• Pastel colours – Pastel colours are gaining popularity these days, especially when it comes to exterior paint colors. These colours have the ability to brighten up or lighten any walls. Discuss with the house painters in Toronto, and they will help you choose the accurate pastel colour for your house.

• Two Tones – You can pick a colour you like and choose a few shades lighter or darker that correlate with it. If you are confused here, you can always consult a professional in residential painting Toronto, who will help you pick the right colour.

• Pop-up the Primary Colour – You can have a light shade for the walls and add a more vibrant shade to emphasize the architectural details, particularly – the door, garage door, etc. This will add a tasteful look to your home.

• Grey Shades – This is a popular hue, which is mostly chosen for the exteriors of a modern house. This colour lasts long and is versatile, which suits almost every type of home. If you wish to make this even more elegant, you can highlight the architectural details with a sharp white color.

• Earthly Colours – The colours that are found in nature – green leaf, red sun, brown soil and a cloudy sky are just a few samples of the earthly colour palette. These colours add a great look to the landscape, and pair well with timber or stone features.

• Green Shades – Green hues add a natural and calm feeling to your home. This shade adorns the homes of many celebrities and famous interior designers.

• White – The all-time favorite classic colour. This timeless choice adds a clean and fresh look to the home.

When you choose the exterior color, never pick it under interior lighting, as it will intensely affect the true colour. So, you must choose the exterior colour outside, under the sun, to get an idea of the precise impact. Also, view the colour sample in a vertically painted area, as you will be able to notice how light influences the colour.

Enhance your home's curb appeal with these colour tips from the best house painters Toronto and create the perfect exterior colour schemes. Think well before you choose the colour, and never rush the process!

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