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What ELSE Can I Use My GPS Navigation System For?

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There are plenty of ways to use a GPS navigation receiver for both work and recreational reasons- so get yours out and start making the most of it today.
Most of us are becoming familiar with the basic uses of a GPS navigation system, such as finding directions to an unfamiliar address or looking for a nearby restaurant or even locating lost children or pets, but there are other uses for your GPS navigation device as well.

• If you have ever struggled with a lead foot when you are driving, did you know you can use your GPS navigation device to track your speed and even calibrate your speedometer? In fact, if you get pulled over for driving too fast and feel like you didn't deserve it, your GPS can even prove your point to the officer and might save you a buck or two!

• If you are a shutter bug, you can use your GPS to document the location of that special photo- or all of your photos- especially when you are on vacation. It can add a whole new level of memories and help you return to that special location in the future.

• Like flying those cool model planes? Your GPS can track the flight and show you exactly where your plane flew!

• When you are traveling, you can use your GPS to notify you of upcoming freeway exits, lane changes and changing roads. You no longer need to worry that you won't spot your exit when you know your GPS will simply let you know it is coming your way.

• You can use your GPS as an emergency feature on the water as well. If someone or something falls overboard, your GPS can mark the exact coordinates for a rescue, which can be lifesaving!

• Of course, you can also use your GPS to keep track of your children. This comes in handy when you have young ones who are just venturing out from home on their own as well as when you have teen agers who are out in the evening in the car.

• Have you ever considered using your GPS to perfect your golf game? A GPS can calculate the exact distance to the tee, which can help you make the perfect choice of clubs and determine your best swing.

• How about using your GPS for family fun? Have you tried geocaching? Use your GPS receiver to locate hidden stashes of little trinkets and treasures that have been entered into a website with the coordinates of their location. Adults and children alike enjoy the challenge of scouting out in nature to find the hidden prize and replace it with a new one for the next search team.

• Did you know some GPS models also include media players and audio book player software? Now you can hike out to the middle of nowhere without worrying about finding your way home and enjoy some music and a great book once you get there – without having to carry more than one electronic device! It just doesn't get any better than that!

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