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What do you understand about DVD Duplication?

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First off, DVD Duplication is an excellent means of showcasing your product or service. Visual data can, far better than the written word, show how a product works or a service can be delivered together with its effects.
It is a far more effective form of advertising or marketing than a newspaper or magazine advert, regardless of whether they include photographs or diagrams. This is because it is often far more dramatic and therefore more likely to be remembered by the prospective client.

The types of businesses who tend to use DVD Duplication techniques include TV and film companies and digital games manufacturers. Private companies also have a great need to visually display their products. For example car manufacturers use DVDs to insert into a brochure containing information on their new model of car. Hotels too and holiday companies will use will use DVDs to show their location or interior and exterior to far better effect.

Charities and public bodies are also in the business of use DVD presentations, particularly when they want to appear to an audience in a particular way. In the case of charities this tends to be emotionally using real-life case studies which often have a much better effect than reading an individual’s life story.

When it comes to quality, the DVD is far superior to the CD. However, this means they are also more sensitive and it is important to handle them carefully to avoid scratching the disc and diminishing the quality of the recording. DVDs can also hold a larger amount of data and this is why they are particularly good for full-length feature films and music videos.

DVD duplication concerns the copying of data, images or graphics onto another disc, or more likely between 50 and 100 other discs. A special burner is employed to do this while all data is uploaded via the computer’s own hard drive. Once copied the data on a DVD is permanent and extremely difficult to erase.

Today there are a whole host of companies offering DVD duplication in London which makes the market extremely competitive. Obviously the more DVDs the client needs produced, the lower the unit cost of producing each DVD so it makes sense to for the client to order larger numbers. For extremely high quantities, for instance more than 500 DVDs, then DVD replication techniques make more sense as this is far less expensive. However, it also takes longer so that the client in a hurry would be better advised to opt for the DVD duplication process.

Once the DVD has been produced, specialised printing can then take place where the client can dictate what wording he or she would like on the actual DVD disc itself.

Art work is then supplied for the DVD colour, including images. The client then chooses whether or not they would like the DVD stored and distributed or boxed and ready to pick up themselves from the company’s London DVD replication warehouse.

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