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What is an Athletic Training Bachelor's Degree

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Athletic trainers provide assistance to doctors in the sports medicine industry. Athletic trainers are on the front lines of care and prevention of sports related injuries.
Athletic trainers provide assistance to doctors in the sports medicine industry. Athletic trainers are on the front lines of care and prevention of sports related injuries. The minimum requirement to become an athletic trainers is to obtain a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. However, most trainers do choose to continue their education and complete a master's degree program. In college, students learn the necessary skills to provide treatment and early diagnosis to athletes so they can avoid injury on the field. An athletic training bachelors degree takes four years to complete.

College Curriculum

Bachelors Degree Athletic Training requires that you have a strong interest in fitness, health and medicine. The curriculum for the degree involves a combination of classroom work and hands-on experience working with athletic teams at local schools or on campus. Inside the classroom, students learn injury treatment and prevention, physiology and anatomy. The clinical portion of the degree program exposes students to the daily work of an athletic trainer so they know what to expect in a potential career. An athletic training bachelors degree is not only a stepping stone to working in the sports medicine industry, it can be a pathway to physical therapy or medical school as well.

Bachelor's Degree Plus Teacher Certification

A Bachelors degree in athletic training often leads to careers in high schools. In most states, athletic trainers working in high schools are required to have a teacher's certification in addition to their undergraduate degree. Many universities offer a teaching certification program for students interested in working inside schools. Students can often complete the certification while finishing their athletic training bachelors degree or enroll in the program upon graduation. Typically, teaching certification programs involve one to two years of class work, including being a teacher's aid inside a real school.

Non-Traditional Options

For individuals dreaming of earning a bachelors degree athletic training, there are non-traditional options available at most schools to help students reach that goal. Many universities offer athletic training degree programs online in addition to traditional campus classes. The online option may be ideal for students who cannot commit to being a full-time college student or commute to campus. However, students who consider this option must keep in mind that there are downsides to not being in a real classroom. Online training lacks the human interaction and onsite laboratory facilities found in classrooms. Online students will still need to complete the clinical part of the bachelor's program at a local facility.

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