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What should you know before installing Synthetic Grass?

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Creating a wow factor in your outdoor space by setting up some features would be worth it.
Creating a wow factor in your outdoor space by setting up some features would be worth it. Adding a lawn and a fountain are a great way to create a stunning outdoor haven. Although it sounds like a good idea, natural grass requires a lot of special care and attention. Moreover, natural grass simply cannot remain lush and resilient through all seasons. To add a beautiful lawn that will not require much attention to shine in all the seasons is the main reason people contact synthetic grass installers Sydney.

The benefit of installing synthetic grass Sydney:

Maintaining a vast natural lawn takes a lot of your time. This can make it difficult for you to concentrate on other works. Installing synthetic grass to fill in your landscape conserves water and also money spent on lawn maintenance. Besides, with proper ground preparation and construction materials, your artificial grass looks just like the real thing.

What should you know before installing synthetic grass?

When it comes to shopping for artificial grass, most of us consider synthetic grass installation cost in Sydney. Yet another concern is, will we get premium products that fit in our budget. Though your necessities and priorities may vary often, you must know a few things before investing in artificial grass, including:


It is exciting to know you are getting rid of the never-ending expenses and hassles of natural lawn maintenance. But artificial grass also requires a little care. It’s simple and really easy and helps increase the longevity of the turf besides keeping it looking great for the years to come.

The purpose:

How you plan to use your synthetic lawn determines which product you will want to install. Artificial grass is ideal for landscaping dogs play areas, kids’ play areas, patios, backyard living spaces, sports fields, pool surrounds, walkways, etc. Synthetic grass comes in a myriad of styles, and not for specific purposes. So, before getting yours, discuss your purpose to professionals who can help you invest in the best.

Drainage and Base Construction:

Synthetic grass cannot be laid out simply like a rug on the bare ground. At the base, there should be systems to drain off water consistently to prevent bacterial growth.

The base layer that covers the drainage area should be lined by a mixture of large and small stones to remain stable for years, even if the synthetic lawn gets heavy foot traffic. When levelled, these rocks will form a solid water-permeable layer to prevent puddles and flooding.

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