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When Is It Appropriate To Use Ice Packs for Transporting Perishables

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Perishable products can be exposed to harsh conditions like high temperatures and increased humidity when they are being transported.
Perishable products can be exposed to harsh conditions like high temperatures and increased humidity when they are being transported. In order to protect your goods and ensure they arrive in a cold and fresh state at their destination, you need to ensure they are kept at the right temperatures. Using Ice Packs assists in keeping your perishables within the recommended temperature ensuring they arrive fresh and in an appealing state.

There are two important factors to consider when you are shipping your products and they include insulation and refrigerants. If you want to transport products like seafood or meat and you need them to arrive cold and fresh, use a refrigerant product like an ice pack. Ice Packs come in various sizes and specifications and in a plain pack and also with bubble wrap on the reverse for freeze control purposes. In the instance you are shipping live seafood such as lobsters, you do not want to expose them to freezing temperatures since they will die from the extreme cold, thus an ice pack with bubble wrap on the reverse of the bag is recommended for freeze control purposes.

In order to maintain temperatures that will provide the necessary cold conditions while keeping the seafood and other products fresh and appealing, you can use gel packs (ice packs) rather than dry ice packs as they tend to last longer.

With refrigerant products such as ice pack wraps (dry ice packs), which are essentially dry flexible sheets made up of individual cells consisting of a super absorbent polymer. When the sheet is soaked in water for about 5 minutes, it is able to absorb the water and become hydrated. The sheets are then frozen before they are applied to the perishables you are transporting. The IcePak Wraps will maintain the right cold temperatures needed to keep the products cold and fresh until they reach the intended destination. These sheets do not have any toxic compounds and are food safe, thus allowing you to transport your products safely and with no harm whatsoever to consumers.

The dry ice packs can be used for long periods of time and last much longer than plain ice. They are also a very cost effective and an ideal alternative to the gel ice packs. You can use the absorbent ice sheets when you are packaging and transporting products like seafood, fresh meat, vaccines, serum, vegetables, flowers, chocolates, pharmaceutical, medical samples and other products.

Transporting food items requires that you use refrigerant products, which cannot contaminate your foods and perishables and are non-toxic and food safe. Both the ice packs and dry ice packs meet the National Food Authority standards with use with foods. The packs will ensure that your product arrives in a cold and fresh state and it is not cross-contaminated with harmful substances and won’t harm consumers.

The ice pack wraps have seals in between the cells and this allows the sheets to be flexible and wrapped around the products thus offering the required temperatures needed for the products to arrive fresh and cold. Since they do not leak, it means that they can be reused as a long as they are maintained properly. Depending on the amount of products you need to transport, you can get various sizes of these sheets, which will match with your packaging requirements. Since dry ice packs are dispatched dry and unhydrated, they assist in reducing the transportation cost as well as the storage space.

Another product you might also wish to consider using in your packaging and transporting of your perishables together with ice packs are Absorbent Pads or Absorption Pads. These Pads are generally used for seafood and meat products but can be used for other products also. The Absorption Pads are made up of a super absorbent non toxic powder. The pads are placed in the bottom of polystyrene cartons or meat or seafood trays and your perishables are placed on top of the pads. The purpose of the Absorbent Pads is that they absorb and retain unwanted liquids from the packaging and the moisture is retained within a gel in the pad, thus keeping your products in a fresh and appealing state. They are ideal for packaging seafood and meat products and used for both export and domestic transportation.

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