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Why Couples Need A Prenuptial Agreement Before Their Wedding

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Once you got engaged, one of the most important factors that you should disclose to your soon to be partner is the prenuptial agreement.
Once you got engaged, one of the most important factors that you should disclose to your soon to be partner is the prenuptial agreement. You may think that it is unromantic but more and more people today are now seeing the benefits of being covered with a prenuptial agreement.

First of all, let’s all face the fact that money is one of the most common factors that complicates the relationship between a married couple. This issue can easily be prevented only if they have prenuptial contract drafted that will indicate just how much each of the spouse is supposed to share for their joint household expenses like food, house and what not.

Why do you need a Prenuptial Agreement

All couples must have a prenuptial agreement, though not everyone thinks of this as a romantic matter that can easily be disclosed at the start of your blooming relationship. But then again without it, the distribution of all your assets will be based on the personal opinion of the judge handling the divorce. Having covered with a prenuptial agreement only indicates that both parties have legal control over their personal values.

Although this is very unconventional considering that couples are supposed to share everything, statistical studies involving millions of married couples states that a prenuptial agreement saves couples tons of effort, money and helps clear out monetary issues as compared to those who do not have prenuptial contract. If you have received heirlooms before you got married and prefer to keep these inheritance to yourself or to your children alone, then then more you need a prenuptial contract.

Validity of your Prenuptial Agreement

Although a prenuptial agreement is not something that you can easily discuss with your partner, since divorce is currently the last thing on your mind. It is still important that you do so, as this will serve as you and your partner’s protection against financial issues.

You can visit to get more information about divorce law and prenuptial terms of agreement. Now, you should put in mind that in order to make your contract valid, you need to have a legal representation who will legally explain and help you understand just how the drafted prenuptial agreement works.

Even if you signed the contract yet do not fully understand it or you do not have a lawyer that will serve as witness that you were not forced or pressured to sign the agreement then this is going to be unenforceable according to judge ruling.

Although you may be so trustful to hire the same lawyer, according to the court, this is not a reliable witness as this is a conflict of interest and must be handled by two individual lawyers. Your soon to be partner with the capability to pay for the attorney’s fee on the other hand may pay for your attorney’s fee given that he or she remains loyal to you and is not influenced by this fact.

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