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Why Jute Tote Bags Are Popular in Marketing

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As an entrepreneur I always have a tendency and responsibility to follow marketing and promotional trends, and recently I've looked into reasons why jute bags are popular in marketing.
As an entrepreneur I always have a tendency and responsibility to follow marketing and promotional trends, and recently I've looked into reasons why jute bags are popular in marketing. Jute bags started being used in local marketing campaign drives by small businesses a while back. I'm not sure if they knew the exact value of using jute bags specifically, but I would think they already have an idea of at least the practical advantage, which is why they used it in the first place. For those unfamiliar, a jute bag is a tote bag made of jute, a natural material composed of fibers from plants.

First, totes are cheap. Tote bags are very light on the budget, and when ordered in bulk, further discounts may be applicable. When my business was first starting out I always went for the cheapest of everything. As long as they functioned as they were intended to, I was happy. And that's why small businesses use totes, they're very affordable. Not only that, but the material is also affordable. Jute is easy to get and easy to work on, so jute tote bags are cheaper than other bags even. Also, such bags that have wide spaces for promotion and print are ideal as promotional paraphernalia. Unlike other items such as pens or USB drives, a wide tote can accommodate your company brand, your slogan, contact details, and maybe several lines of whatever.

Another reason why jute bags are popular in marketing is because of the nature of the tote bag itself: it's a very useful item and always handy to have around. Almost everyone has a use for a tote-there are even fashionable tote bags used to accessorize. And with the current trend of favoring natural material over plastics, jute as tote bag material is gaining a lot of mileage. And that brings us to the next reason why jute bags are popular in marketing: jute as a natural material.

Ever heard of corporate responsibility? That's big company jargon for engaging in social welfare related activities like feeding hungry children or planting trees. Virtually every large company has its own corporate responsibility drive, or whatever their term for it is. Why? They say it's giving back to the community, society, to Mother Earth, or whatever. Through practical and realistic eyes, it's seen as a way to promote a company brand further. And what's better, a company can get the support of zealous advocates of whatever social or nature-oriented activity they did. For small businesses, the prospect of supporting environmentalism is sort of like toned-down corporate responsibility. Jute bags are popular in marketing because they're made of natural stuff that helps save the Earth. Using them as promotional giveaways then would mean that 1. You think about the welfare of the recipient so you give out something useful, 2. You're putting in more effort than just handing out flyers which only end up being garbage, and to top it all off, 3. You're not just a business, you're a business that helps the environment.

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