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Will my Face Sag if I Miss My Teeth?

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Missing teeth can result from many reasons, and the most common is because of a sports injury, an accident, gum disease or aging.
Missing teeth can result from many reasons, and the most common is because of a sports injury, an accident, gum disease or aging. Whatever the reason for a missing tooth, leaving them without replacing can drastically alter the shape of your face, however, not in a good way. You may look older than you are! If you have ever seen people with missing teeth, you might have noticed that their jaw has recessed and their face will appear like it is sagging.

Why missing teeth result in sunken facial structures?

Our teeth serve so many important roles. Like speaking and chewing, it also helps to maintain the shape of the face keeping it as long as it is. A person who has missed his teeth, with time will develop a compressed look as their jawbone gradually becomes smaller. The face may appear like it is sagging!

Facial sagging, however, will result in premature aging and can take a toll of patients tooth loss stabilising the structure of your jaw resulting in empty tooth sockets due to which space is created that stimulate adjacent teeth to shift its position. Empty sockets can weaken the bone tissues eventually leading to bone tissue breakdown and wearing away.

Facial sagging due to lack of structure and bone loss due to tooth loss is common. According to the dentist Parramatta, tooth and bone loss can change the shape of your facial structures thus altering the overall appearance.

How to prevent facial sagging if I have missed my teeth?

Missing teeth can have functional, aesthetic and physiological consequences. Replacing missing teeth in the Parramatta dental clinic after teeth loss is an optimal solution to prevent sagging.

Years ago dentures where the only options to replace missing with, however, they do not stimulate jawbone growth. Even patients with traditional dentures may experience some degree of facial sagging.

Nowadays dental implants are the most supportive treatment options for replacing missing teeth which also promotes healthy bone structure.

Dental implants Parramatta support facial structures after a bone loss!

Dental implants are nothing but secured teeth restoration which can help rebuild your appearance. Dental implants can restore a single tooth or secure dental restorations of many teeth.

Implants, as they look so natural are considered as the most natural option to replace missing teeth. Dental implants stabilise jawbone thus preventing additional bone and tooth loss. Also, for patients who have already experienced bone loss, dentists suggest bone grafting to rebuild the jaw before getting implants.

Don't stay with those gaps in your mouth any longer, visit your dentist now and get your implant to flaunt your beautiful smile once again!

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