Amin Ramjee's Article in Marketing

199 Promotional Pens Can Be a Viable Marketing Strategy
When you are putting together a marketing plan for your company, there are many things to consider but the most important thing is to determine how much you want to pay.
Posted on Apr-21-2010

271 Promotional Pens Make Marketing Sense
When you are marketing your company, you need to do it right so that you get the most customers, for the least amount of investment.
Posted on Apr-17-2010

179 Giving Customers Personalized Pens
Customers are vital for a company. Without customers, you have no company. It is as simple as that and it shows just how important it is for you to not only gain new customers, but to keep your current clients.
Posted on Apr-17-2010

204 Putting Together Promotional Pens For Your Customers
When you have a customer come into your store and buy something, you should be appreciative of their business. You can thank the customer, ask them to come again, but is there anything else you can do beyond that for your customers.
Posted on Apr-17-2010

164 Buying Promotional Pens For Your Customers
When you own a company, you want to make the company successful. There are a vast number of ways to make your company success, but depending on the amount of income you have, some ways are going to be out of your reach.
Posted on Apr-17-2010

231 How Do Decals Work?
Have you ever wondered how decal customization works, or asked yourself what is a decal? Decals are plastic, cloth paper or ceramic substrate that has printed patterns on it for the purpose of transferring it to another surface.
Posted on Apr-17-2010

201 Sprucing Up Formal Events With Vibrant Colored Tableware
Color is extremely important when it comes to fashion and design. In formal settings multicolor design can sometimes be seen as tacky or uncouth.
Posted on Apr-17-2010

205 How Libbey Changed Tabletop Glassware in America
Libby Inc. has been involved in glass production for nearly 200 years and has gone under several different names, been located in several locations and continuously evolved its glassmaking process.
Posted on Apr-17-2010

199 The Types of Pens to Give Your Customers As Promotional Gifts
When you are giving away gifts to customers, you will probably be giving away pens and pencils. Promotional pens and pencils are very popular because they are cheaper, many people use them and they are something that people need on a regular basis.
Posted on Apr-05-2010

205 Promotional Pens and Pencils For Marketing
Promoting your company is often seen as something that is very expensive. Many businesses choose not to start a marketing plan because they worry they will spend too much money and not get enough in return. This is a common worry and if you own a small business it is something that can be unavoidable.
Posted on Apr-02-2010

290 Personalizing Your Own Mouse Pad
Even when you can't even get a foot in the door, schedule a sales call or even if you lost a customer, your brand can still continue to be built every day in the office that will not grant you access. Your secret weapon in the battle for brand retail space, spells -promotional products-, and of the most effective items to send out a gift or "leave behind" out there is to make use of the good old mouse pad.
Posted on Mar-31-2010

212 New Grip Friendly Pens and Materials Make Pens Exciting Again
Pens are must-have merchandise for merchandise buyers and marketing planners around the country. But if the pens that you keep in your merchandise collection are just plain, ordinary plastic pens without the pizazz, you should revisit and see the exciting things that have been happening in the promotional pen market the last few years.
Posted on Mar-30-2010

238 Trends and How to Make the Most of Your Promotional Products
Wondering how you're going to get the best return on your promotional product investment? It's a question marketing managers and marketing executives ask themselves all the time.
Posted on Mar-30-2010

209 Re-Thinking Budget Strategies and Marketing Tactics For Better Results
Budget season is never easy. It's the time of the year when we have to put all the numbers together and plan out what we'll do for the rest of the year. And it seems like budget season is now a permanent time period - we're always reviewing budgets, cutting budgets, re-arranging budgets, being told to hold budgets, kills budgets, eliminate budgets.
Posted on Mar-27-2010

266 Tight Marketing Budgets Make Promotional Products a Perfect Brand Builder
A glossy brochure or a site built with the latest Flash technology may impress a few, but when you're out pressing the flesh, there is nothing like a good laugh, a good relationship and giving a gift, a promotional product, that shows you've actually gone beyond just thinking of your customer as a customer. Sound familiar? Good - and it makes perfect sense for budget-focused marketing.
Posted on Mar-27-2010

280 Tote Bags Are a Promotional Give-Away Must For Trade Shows and Exhibitions
The business of trade shows and Exhibitions are finally picking up after a few years of sluggish economy and budget cut backs in the marketing organizations. When organizations are increasing their marketing budgets for trade shows, it is usually the time for exhibition managers and builders to re-visit the Promotional Products they keep in store.
Posted on Mar-27-2010

269 Plastic Water Bottle - A Brief Introduction
Plastic water bottles, whether made from HDPE, LDPE or PP is generally safe and has passed FDA regulations. These water bottles are durable, easy to handle and safe for children.
Posted on Mar-27-2010

324 Beware of Non-Compliance Glassware Suppliers
If you are a buyer of merchandise or promotional products, here is some helpful advice on a topic that is becoming extremely important to consider beyond the need for low cost and high quality; to ensure that the merchandise items that you are buying and customizing with your logo come from company who use trusted sources of first class suppliers in compliance with global trading regulations and working condition requirements. This is not just about being a conscious consumer or buyer - this is
Posted on Mar-27-2010

215 Increase Your Ability to Remember Using Highlighters
You can buy highlighters at virtually any office supply store and online. The customized versions with a logo can be found at specialist companies that focus on Promotional Products and Branded Merchandise. It is highly recommended that you pick a high quality brand highlighter with sufficient ink that will make the product last.
Posted on Mar-27-2010

209 Exclusive High-End Pens Are a Great Giveaway
To maximize the impact of an exclusive pen giveaway, the box they come in are just as important as the pen itself. You may want to consider engraving or customizing also the box for that dramatic impact when you hand it over.
Posted on Mar-27-2010

273 The Right Beer Glass For the Right Beer
A German wheat beer usually sits in a tall glass that curves from wide mouth to narrow base. A Stella Artois arrives in a stretched funnel with a small foot. And that's just the beginning.
Posted on Mar-27-2010

199 A Good Pen Helps Avoid Writer's Cramp
If you spend many hours a day doing a certain type of exercise, you know how important it is to have the right equipment or the right tool for the job. You want to be comfortable and also avoid unnecessary wear and tear that comes from doing something over and over.
Posted on Mar-27-2010

184 Recent Study Shows Importance of Investing in Employees Through Promotional Products
When rewarding your employees, don't write off Promotional Products as perceived "free stuff'. A recent study shows that Promotional Products rank high in value when rewarded in employee recognition programs. Most companies have an employee recognition program and consider them important to boost morale and retaining employees. Losing employees is costly and keeping the current employees happy is becoming increasingly important.
Posted on Mar-27-2010

311 History of Water Bottles
Everywhere we look, there is sure to be people milling around carrying water bottles. The trend of hauling and drinking water from bottles has become progressively fashionable in modern years. It is interesting to find out more about the substance used to contain the various liquids we consume daily.
Posted on Mar-26-2010

206 Promotional Products and Loyalty Programs
The knowledge organization Incentive Marketing (IMA) have taken a closer look at customer loyalty and how purchases are influenced by for instance Promotional Products. They interviewed over 1,000 American companies, both large and small with some stunning, relevant results.
Posted on Mar-26-2010