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461 Brave Pittsburgh Winter With a Fall Heating Tune Up
As Pittsburgh days and nights continue to grow colder and as the months move from fall to winter, homeowners will be flipping the switch on their thermostats from cool air to warm air
Posted on Sep-26-2012

469 Options for Buying a New Home in Florida
The Florida real estate market took a sharp plunge in recent years due to the economic recession and housing crisis.
Posted on Jul-02-2012

311 Joe Montana Life After Football
Once the glory days on the football turf have ended along with the adoration of cheerleaders and screams of fans, what’s a thrice-crowned Super Bowl Most Valuable Player to do?
Posted on Nov-01-2011

598 Turn Down the Heat This Winter With Forever Lazy
Winter is coming, and it will be cold - really cold. Your options are simple: turn up the heat and watch your paycheck dwindle away, or cozy up on the couch in the Forever Lazy
Posted on Nov-19-2010

444 Benefits that a Home Warranty has for Real Estate Agents | Extra Service Protection
In an ever increasing competitive real estate market, agents and brokers are scrambling for ways to increase the chances of obtaining buyers for their listings.
Posted on Aug-26-2010

470 The Ins and Outs of Cooling System Repairs in Ohio
When it comes to the warm summers in Ohio, you want an air conditioning system to be in top shape. There are many things that can go wrong with these systems and that is why it is important to have them checked regularly and to keep up with their performance.
Posted on Aug-26-2010

394 Finding The Right Electrician in Pittsburgh PA For Your Job
In today's housing market, it can be difficult to make major repairs to a home. Most costs have risen, while many people still make the same amount of money. This forces some people to look for cheap labor. Poor and unsafe quality are the result, and in the long run, even more expensive.
Posted on Apr-28-2010

412 Indiana's Home Appliance Warranties Can Help You Save Money
When you go out and buy a new refrigerator, microwave, washer or dryer, you want to get the most for your money. Even the best brands out there can produce faulty products once in a while. Getting a home appliance warranty program in Indiana is a good way to protect your investment. If your washer starts leaking or your refrigerator stops working before the end of the warranty period, you can get it repaired or sometimes replaced completely free of charge.
Posted on Apr-27-2010

363 The Importance of Getting a Heating System Warranty in Ohio
Ohio Winters can be brutal. Maintaining your heating system is expensive enough the way it is without having to replace it in the dead of winter with your own money. Consider purchasing an Ohio Furnace warranty to protect against these kinds of expenses. Otherwise, you could be out hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Posted on Apr-27-2010