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Ground Floor, Suite A, 140 William Street,
Australia, NSW, Woolloomooloo,
2011, 02 8356 3100
When Dorothea Mackellar wrote those words in 1904 (at age 19) Australia was a very different place, but we can still recognise the landscape and the beauty she referred to – what we at Ochre Health might do is change the last line to “The wide Ochre land for me!” for Ochre Health has truly changed the medical landscape in Australia over the past decade. When the two doctors, Ross Lamplugh and Hamish Meldrum, set Ochre Health up in 2002, they did so with a vision to create a small family-orientated business, selling their own stories of outback family bliss to attract like-minded doctors to Bourke in the far north west of New South Wales. Marketing the sunburnt country and improving healthcare across its very disparate environments became a passion and the company quickly expanded to include rural locations across New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. Today, having won government contracts to supply general practitioner super clinics to Grafton, Canberra and the Sunshine Coast, Ochre Health can truly state that it has improved healthcare immeasurably in our communities across Australia.
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