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166-06 24th Road Lower Level,
United States of America, NY, Whitestone,
The beginning of our firm is humble. It started as a part-time endeavor of Joe Staropoli, Who started Process Serving in a family friends office. While unknown to Joe at the time, His future partner, Dan Crespo, also start process serving shortly after graduating college. Both leaders in their field, they grew their own offices and over 20 years ago met and formed a strong friendship. From this friendship, they knew instantly that with their combined experience and knowledge each on their own, were a formidable business, but combined, they were unstoppable in their passion to help their clients and create a company that would lead NYC in Process Serving Services. Central to this is the steadfast learning processes of the industry, dedication, hard work and commitment to excellence within the field of Process Serving. With our combined experience of over fifty years, we offer process serving services that are no doubt the best in the tri-state area, if not the country. More Importantly, the firm was founded on friendships and strong business relations. Through this, clients are able to get quality services. This has been the company’s philosophy to this day.
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