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105 Heart Lake Rd,
Canada, Ontario, Brampton,
L6W 3K1, 416-706-3660
From an early age John displayed a propensity for the arts and architecture. Pursuing his passions through sketching, composing poetry, music lessons and educational courses. By the age of thirteen, necessity required John to focus on providing for himself and his family. At the age of sixteen, John had acquired his Master Builder status and secured his first construction contract. John continued to foster a strong sense of self-improvement and the priority of giving back to the community. Barely twenty one years of age and the owner of a successful construction company John gained the respect and admiration of his townspeople, whom elected him Mayor of the town. Shortly thereafter, with aspirations of furthering his opportunities and education, John left for Canada. John knew his life’s work lays in the foundation and development of the artist, citizen and entrepreneur in his new country.
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