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201 E. 28th Street, STE. 1B,
United States of America, NY, New York,
10016, 212-481-1118
Certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Joon Song, the leading gynecologist in New York has been providing advanced treatment options for women to treat any gynecological ailment. With a focus on all areas of women’s gynecological health conditions, he opened up his own private practice in 2012. His extensive research experience in the field and deep understanding of women's sex hormones brings a unique combination of both surgical and non-surgical expertise. Dr. Joon Song is also certified and recognized by CSATS as a top robotic myomectomy surgeon with over 3,000 robotic-assisted and laparoscopic procedures performed. He specializes in treating conditions like endometriosis, uterine bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, adenomyosis, tubal ligation, infertility, and pelvic organ prolapse. He also holds professional memberships with the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. Visit or call 212-481-1118 for more information.
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