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No 995B, H Block, 2nd Avenue, 11th Main Road,
India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai,
Indigo Womens Center is an NABH Accredited, ISO certified hospital, dedicated to women’s health. We have been offering the best fertility treatment in Chennai for over 35 years with the highest success rates across the country. Our core services include Reproductive Medicine (IVF/IUI/ICSI/PGD), Laparoscopic Services (keyhole surgery for fibroids , hysterectomy , ovarian cysts) , Boutique birthing (maternity) , Weight Loss Programs (bariatric surgery) , Cosmetic gynecology (vaginoplasty , labiaplasty , vaginal rejuvenation) and diagnostics . At Indigo Womens Center , Dr. B Sarat is a pioneer in the field of reproductive medicine and has delivered the first IVF twins of south India in 1991 . Dr. Surakshith Battina has performed over 3000 complex gynecological procedures and rund a fellowship program in the hospital for aspiring gynaecologists. All our medical, paramedical and accessory staff members are trained explicitly for delivering the highest level of patient care. Our mission is to provide patients with an unparalleled experience throughout our hospital. We have one-to-one nursing for our entire in-patient ward. To know more, visit
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