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10 Berkshire Ave., ,
Canada, Ontario, Toronto,
M4M 2Z5, 6473776314
Gloria Rubaine is the owner of Second Review Business Analysts. Formed in 2008, the company focuses on international logistics and client relationship management. Armed with over 30 years experience in Freight forwarding, Consulting and Sales for major international logistics companies, Gloria is dedicated to providing high quality information, training and services to importers and exporters in a cost efficient and effective method. A large part of her C.V. is as a Trade Lane Manager, Marketing Manager and Customer Service Manager focused on UK and France where she travelled extensively. Gloria has had several articles and videos published online such as Tips for selling DDP, Winning the Global Logistics War, Cargo Insurance Matters and Airfreight pricing. As a member of the Toronto Board of Trade, Canadian Professional Sales Association, OWIT – Organization of Women in International Trade, Second Review Business Analysts is well placed to network with industry leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, with a committment to excellence in logistics management.
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