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Know About the Tavern Experience – Start Planning Your New Adventure

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Taverns are local eateries & pour houses known for their good food, drinks, and fun environment.
With COVID-19 affecting countries in different ways, people were locked down in homes without any fun or adventure last year. As travel restrictions ease, people are looking for an escape from their ordinary life. If you plan to spend a day with your family or have a night out with your friends, a tavern in Tacoma is the ultimate option.

What Is a Tavern?

Taverns are local eateries & pour houses known for their good food, drinks, and fun environment. A classical, American tavern in Tacoma is focused on creating a warm and friendly atmosphere where strangers will leave as friends. Moreover, with a casual environment, you can grab a bite to eat, sip on some drinks and enjoy each other’s company.

Is Tavern Different From a Bar?

Yes, unlike bars, taverns are more focused on food and family. Some taverns even provide kids eat free nights, happy hours, and more. You can go to the tavern at any time of the day. People often visit taverns for brunch, lunch, and dinner. The menu at taverns is well-rounded and features various entrees and items. From burgers and wings to oysters and pasta, the oyster bar in Tacoma features countless options from which you can choose your favorite.

Some of the common types of drinks that are often found in taverns are local beer, cocktails, high-end whiskeys, ciders, wine, and more.

How to Fit into a Tavern Culture?

As mentioned earlier, taverns are casual and friendly places where your feel right at home and people know your name. Hence, fitting into a tavern culture is very easy and doesn’t require much effort. Most people visiting the tavern wear casual clothes, but you can wear a nice dress too. During the happy hours, most people often drink cocktails and local beer and participate in the beer of the month specials too. At Hans's Place Tavern, the most popular food option is oyster.

Unlike a usual bar, most taverns do not have happy hours, but they offer other specials such as beer of the month, tavern events, and more. Also, like Tacoma restaurants, taverns also provide rewards for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions where you can have a free meal and get a free dessert.

The Bottom Line

At Hans’s Place, they have been the neighborhood spot for Tacomans to relax, converse, and revel with one another since the 1940s. Their menu options feature fresh oysters, fresh-cut fries, and the best chicken in the city. Socialize, quench your thirst and satisfy your appetite at Hans’s Place, where strangers leave as friends and friends feel like family.

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