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Saying no to being a bridesmaid

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Done wrong it can cost you your friendship, or at least it can strain it for some time, so you need to figure out how to stay the true in the right way.
A friend of yours just announced she is getting married, and you’re very happy for her. But as the news truly hits you and the excitement of the moment disappears you start realizing, she’s likely to ask you to be her bridesmaid. Her getting married is great news to you, yet you being a bridesmaid is not something you would consider a positive. You have two choices, saying yes and suffering through an experience you don’t want, or saying no. The thing about saying no is that done wrong it can cost you your friendship, or at least it can strain it for some time, so you need to figure out how to stay true to yourself and keep your friend when gently refusing to be in her wedding.

The sooner you take care of things the better, so don’t ask for more time to think things through and tell the bride to be right away that you will not be her bridesmaid. After all there is a tight schedule to planning a wedding, and even though you don’t want to be a bridesmaid, you also don’t want to interfere with the planning. Giving your friend a quick answer gives her the time to find somebody else to be in her wedding, and saves her the stress of not knowing. And remember, don’t give her answers like “maybe” or “I have to think about it” since you know the reality is no. be fair to her and say it straight.

It is important, however, how you say your “no” straight to your friend’s face. To her it’s about the most important day of her life and wanting to have her friends close, so a dry “no” or a somewhat rude “are you kidding” is definitely not appropriate. Be gentle and nice about it, be appreciative of her wanting to include you and express regret that you have to refuse. Nevertheless, once you say your apologies and confirm your refusal, you need to stick to your decision and not let her emotions sway you. You do have a reason for saying no, and that’s what you need to remember.

And as far as the reason for saying no to being a bridesmaid, it’s wise to use it to support your decision, although in some cases honesty is not the best policy. If the reasons are financial or time-related, by all means speak your mind. If, however, you have objections to the groom or don’t feel close enough to your friend to be in her wedding, instead of being brutally honest you might want to use one of the more acceptable explanations. And to make things better, offer to still help out with some wedding activities, like shoe shopping, baking for the bridal shower or wedding band search, letting your friend down gentle and on a friendly note. That way even though you won’t be a bridesmaid with all its glory you will still be somewhat involved and helpful, showing your friend that you care for her and leaving your relationship intact.

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