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What Makes Italian Cuisine So Special?

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Do you know Australians go gaga over Italian cuisine? Yes, ask any Aussie, and chances are their bucket list includes eating Italian pasta.
Do you know Australians go gaga over Italian cuisine? Yes, ask any Aussie, and chances are their bucket list includes eating Italian pasta. We are in love with Italian foods. While the Italians have made significant contributions to all facets of Australian culture and life, their influence is heavily present in Australian cuisine.

Yes, many Italian restaurants in Australia offer authentic Italian food to tantalise your taste buds. Italian foods are popular across the globe for their freshness, flavour, simplicity, and quality. It is not only served in the famous Kingswood Italian restaurant, but also in every household.

So, what makes Italian foods so special? Read on, let's find out.

Healthy ingredients

The Mediterranean and Italian diet has been a very good example of healthy eating. Yes, Italian foods are cooked in rich olive oil instead of other fatty oils. And they are mostly made from scratch, so there are no artificial ingredients and processed foods involved. Moreover, they add plenty of vegetables and fruits into their foods. Italian fresh food is healthier than fast foods.


Good Italian food is made using traditional techniques. Even mass-produced food products are done by following traditional food preparation and cooking methods that lack other cuisines.

Simple and easy to cook

Even though Italian cuisine involves more preparation, the food's actual preparation is effortless and straightforward. The Italian philosophy of cooking makes it simple to prepare a delicious meal for a family without any culinary experience. While the flavours are incredibly complex, the process of bringing those flavours into every dish is straightforward and easy. This means less time spent in the kitchen, and you will get more time to have a relaxing meal with your family and friends.


Italians are very picky when it comes to cooking and food. Italians prefer the original taste of good quality, healthy ingredients. The quality of the ingredients used in Italian foods makes them very special, flavourful, and delicious. It is all about enhancing the ingredients to bring out the best flavours when it comes to Italian foods.

Today, many modern restaurants use the term "Modern Australian" cuisine, which includes recipes like pasta, steak, seafood, vegetarian combinations, and woodfire pizza Penrith. However, all of these have been adapted to modern Australian cuisine but have a strong Italian influence. What are you waiting for? Visit a Penrith Italian restaurant and give it a try.

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