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Why not an exotic destination wedding?

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Unless you’ve already made non-refundable payments, you can still do that, so before you sign any checks or make any transfers, consider a remote destination wedding.
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and so it’s no wonder you take your time planning it to be perfect, you want to invite everybody you know to witness your big day, you consider a lavish reception not to mention an extravagantly gorgeous gown. The thing is, a big wedding means a big cost plus quite a headache from figuring everything out, prompting you to wish you could just drop everything and have a small, intimate wedding far away. Unless you’ve already made non-refundable payments, you can still do that, so before you sign any checks or make any transfers, consider a remote destination wedding.

One of the biggest pros of leaving your home town behind and having a wedding far away is the simplicity. By having a destination wedding you automatically cut down on the guest list and on the contacts with all kinds of contractors, since the hotel will make all the arrangements for you, starting from flowers and finishing on a cake of your choice. And that means that except for some time on the phone and computer when you’ll be giving general directions and accepting final choices, you can concentrate on your daily life and not on a big bash that is months away.

Laid back destination weddings have another advantage, and that is laid back clothing. Instead of elaborate gowns casual wedding dresses are more than welcome, so if you prefer a simple style or would like to wear a dress that can later on be turned into a summer dress, it’s not a problem. And the same goes for bridesmaid dresses, provided your friends will be joining you at your destination.

Aside from a more relaxed style, choosing a destination wedding adds some exotic flare to your big day. You can opt for a very local ceremony and decorations, focus on local foods and music, make your wedding a one of a kind destination party that will not only set your wedding apart from any others, but will also create unforgettable, exotic memories for you and the attendees.

And finally, when you have a wedding at home getting to your honeymoon is a hassle you have to face after months of nervous planning and a long day of preparations, ceremony and reception. However, with a destination wedding the minute the reception is over you’re already on your honeymoon, wasting no time for travel, delays or layovers. And even though you’ll have some friends and family members nearby at least for a day or two, organizing an exotic escape when you’re already at an exotic location shouldn’t take you long.

Big weddings at home can be overwhelming, while eloping can feel lonely. A destination wedding wit just a handful of loved ones is a perfect combination of the two. You get to avoid the pompous elements but you don’t feel anonymous, there is no need for elaborate decorations and flowers but there is room for pretty, casual wedding dresses, so if you’re a laid back person, if you love exotic places, if you feel like less is more, maybe a destination wedding is right for you.

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