Amit Kothiyal's Article in Health and Fitness

412 How to achieve ideal weight
Losing weight is not an easy task, it requires many disciplines. The causes of over weight in human body may be eating habits, thyroid problems, and lack of physical exercises and more. Read this article that tells that how to achieve ideal weight.
Posted on Feb-07-2012

440 How to measure the fitness?
It is difficult to get ideal body weight in era of fast food culture. Today every man and women wants to get fitness because every one knows that without fitness he or she can’t enjoy his or her life. Read this article that tells about how to measure the fitness.
Posted on Feb-05-2012

398 Symptoms and Treatment of Onycholysis - a Common form of Nail Disease
The condition where the toenail or fingernail gets separated from nail bed is called Onycholysis. This is a common nail disorder. The process of separation of the nail is a very painful process. Read this article that describes about symptoms and treatment of onycholysis.
Posted on Jan-31-2012

402 Care and exercises for strong feet
Feet are the most used and the most abused part of the human body. The arches of the feet are said to provide flexibility, absorb shocks, and also help in distributing the weight of the body. Read this article that gives a brief introduction about care and exercises for strong feet.
Posted on Jan-31-2012

394 Childhood obesity Facts and myths
Children look cute when they are fat. This is the notion of every parent. But, the fact that in the last 30% the percentage of obesity in children is quite alarming and the experts say that this is not a good sign. Read this article that gives a brief introduction about facts and myths of childhood obesity.
Posted on Jan-30-2012

378 Symptoms and Treatments of Main Blood Diseases
Change in the life style and dietary habits have given birth to various blood disorder. People from all walks of life are getting affected. They should notice changes like weakness in body, loss of appetite, lethargy, drowsiness, fever etc.
Posted on Jan-30-2012

326 Tips for Women to Get Ideal Weight
Every woman wants to look attractive and she is ready to take pains for the same. One of the key features behind looking good is to have ideal weight. Women are always concerned about their weight and stress themselves without doing much research.
Posted on Jan-25-2012

300 Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally
Hemroids or piles are condition described as swelling of veins in and around anus, causing extreme irritation and pain. Hemorrhoids are of two types, namely internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Article describes the ways to treat hemorrhoids naturally.
Posted on Jan-23-2012

322 Natural Remedies of Onycholysis
Onycholysis is a common fungal nail infection under which nail plates get separated from the bed of nail. However the problem isn’t usually painful, it lets you stay embarrassed and make your nails look too ugly to look at. Read this article that gives a brief introduction about natural remedies of onycholysis.
Posted on Jan-23-2012

253 A Look at Some of The Life Threatening Blood Diseases
Blood is the river of life, made up of two components cells and plasma. The main function of blood is to pump oxygen, nutrients to every cell via arteries, capillaries and veins. It also carries away waste products. If its circulation is hampered in any case, it will result into blood disorder.
Posted on Jan-21-2012

282 Consequences of Childhood Obesity
In today’s life style obesity is not only associated with adults but also with children. Child obesity is increasing day by day and nowadays billions of children are suffering from obesity problems. Read this article that gives a brief introduction about consequences of child obesity.
Posted on Jan-20-2012

229 Safe Remedies to Treat Swollen Feet
Are you among several natives who are suffering from the problem of swollen feet today? Are you seeking for effective treatments for this problem? Well you have come to the right place then. There are several medical conditions that may result in swollen feet. Read this article that describes about safe remedies to treat swollen feet.
Posted on Jan-19-2012

270 Gastric Problems and Its Treatment
Human body is common to gastric problems. Gas problems in stomach badly disturb our physical as well as mental health. At times, such gas disorders leave us in embarrassing situations in public. Read this article that describes about gastric or gas problems and its symptoms.
Posted on Jan-18-2012

279 Dentist Toluca Lake- Providing Ultimate service for your dental problems
Dentist Toluca Lake is the perfect place to go if you are faced with any kind of dental or gum problems. Dentist Toluca Lake California is the best solution and visiting dentist Toluca Lake may provide you with varied solutions to your dental problems.
Posted on Jan-17-2012

261 Common Causes of Bone Injuries
A bone injury or fracture is a painful condition of bones, which may take weeks, month and even years to heal. It all depends on the condition of the broken or injured bone. Read this article that describes the common causes of bone injuries.
Posted on Jan-17-2012

267 An Introduction to Common Blood Diseases
Blood is present in all parts of human body and is essential for numerous functions and internal biological processes like immunity, healing, and carrying oxygen to various organs in the body. Read this article that gives an introduction to common blood diseases.
Posted on Jan-15-2012

276 Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity
Are you worried about your child’s fitness? Is he going overweight day by day? Well, you are not the only parent worried about childhood obesity. In fact, this disorder is most common among kids today. Read this article that describes the ways to prevent childhood obesity.
Posted on Jan-11-2012

256 What are the differences between Pilates and Yoga
While this is not a showdown of any sort, the question of difference between Pilates and yoga arises in several minds, especially when it comes to choose one among them. Read this article that describes about differences between pilates and yoga.
Posted on Jan-10-2012

268 Best Way to Treat Internal Hemroids
Hemroids are common disorder found in human beings. It is referred to the condition when anal veins swell out and cause immense pain and discomfort in the anal area.
Posted on Jan-05-2012

267 Benefits of using hemroids cream
Hemorrhoids cream help in disappearance of hemorrhoids entirely from the affected region. Although the process may take more time than other treatments, the effects are highly beneficial.
Posted on Jan-04-2012

273 How to Avoid Hemorrhoids with Home Remedies
Hemorrhoids are small muscular pads that are found in the anal canal. They extend both outwards outside the anus and inwards inside the anus. The skin or epidermis covering the anal canal is very thin and the veins are right next to the surface.
Posted on Jan-03-2012

219 Onycholysis - A Common Form of Nail Disease
Onycholysis is a very commonly occurring nail disorder. Dermatologists encounter this very frequently and can its treatment is very simple so there is no cause for worry. In simple terms, it is a disorder due to which the nail loosens and separates from its cushioning or bed.
Posted on Jan-02-2012

271 Hemorrhoids Symptoms - How to Know If You Have Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are found in the anal canal of all human bodies. Their purpose is to help the body to control the outtake of feces and stool. However, when they become irritated, inflamed and/or swollen they become problematic afflictions commonly known as piles.
Posted on Dec-30-2011

287 Chafing - Symptoms and prevention
A disease or physical disorder is always painful, may it be at any level. Chafing is also a painful and uncomfortable disease. Although it is not a life threatening one, yet chafing makes lets you be in a miserable situation.
Posted on Dec-20-2011

224 Natural Treatment for Hemroids
The percentage of people suffering from the common problem of Hemroids is very high. There are two broad categories of hemroids, external and internal. Read this article that describes about natural treatment for hemroids.
Posted on Dec-20-2011