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73 How Does A Hydrocarbon Infra Red Point Gas Detector Work?
Technology has come a long way, and many infra red point detectors are used in a wide variety of applications.
Posted on Feb-22-2021

88 What Can Happen If Turbidity of Water Is Too High?
Water is composed of oxygen and bonded atoms of hydrogen and known to be pure. However, the water supply shares space with other things, including minerals, organic materials, man-made pollutants, and chemicals.
Posted on Feb-22-2021

90 How to Measure Turbidity in Water?
Turbidity is one of the qualities of water. The first thing we notice in water is how cloudy or clear is it.
Posted on Feb-22-2021

83 Everything You Need to Know About Calibration Gas
If your employees are working with gases or in confined spaces containing harmful gases in the atmosphere, having the right gas detector is crucial for the safety of your workforce.
Posted on Feb-22-2021

158 IR Gas Detector – How it Works & 4 Benefits You Should Know
Gas detectors are an extremely useful tool that can detect gas leakages and prevent devastating accidents in industrial facilities. Gas detectors have the ability to shut down the processes instantaneously, as soon as the presence of gas is noticed. This also triggers an alarm to alert the workers and everybody else in the area about the same, so they could evacuate to safety right on time.
Posted on Feb-05-2021

147 Understanding Turbidity & Why it’s Important in Water Treatment
Turbidity simply refers to the cloudiness in water. In other words, it is a measure of clarity of a water body. Turbidity depends on the presence of suspended particles in water, some of which wouldn’t be easily visible to the naked eye.
Posted on Jan-29-2021

99 Know the Benefits of Fixed Gas Detection System
Fixed gas detector systems are installed to ensure constant security of areas and staff around the clock.
Posted on Jan-28-2021

115 What Is A Fire Suppression System, And How Do They Work?
You have certainly heard of the value of fixed fire protection system, if you maintain a property or own a company, but do you know the difference between a sprinkler system and a suppression system?
Posted on Jan-22-2021

243 4 Common Misconceptions About Gas Detection
Oil and gas companies must make ongoing training imperative for their personnel to be familiarised with advancing gas detection capabilities. This allows the workers to be aware of the best practises they need to adopt for maximum safety.
Posted on Dec-30-2020

285 Turbidity – Everything You Need to Know
Turbidity refers to the measure of cloudiness or haziness of a liquid. Cloudiness in liquid is usually caused by particles suspended in it, such as dirt, oil, minerals, algae, bacteria, proteins, and more.
Posted on Dec-30-2020

138 How Gas Detectors Ensure Total Work Safety
The consequence of a gas leakage can be destructive for a commercial or industrial establishment. Not only does it adversely impact a business, but it also put people’s lives and environment in danger.
Posted on Dec-30-2020

139 Why Using a Fire Suppression System in Data Centres is Crucial?
A sophisticated data centre that has numerous servers store highly sensitive information such as bank information, photos, videos etc. This is why they need to be protected at all costs. A small spark of fire is sufficient to wreak havoc and possibly lose our precious data - either partially or fully - in a split second.
Posted on Dec-30-2020

140 Sigrist AquaDMS- Your Chlorine Analyser to Measure the Chlorine Level in the Water
Sigrist AquaDMS is the chlorine analyser that is used for measuring free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide. This measuring system includes everything needed for disinfectant measurement: instrument, sensor, assembly and wiring – pre-mounted on a measuring panel.
Posted on Nov-05-2020

117 Important of Water pH Measurement Equipment in Industries
Water is the source and basis of all life, and vital for metabolism and is the most significant victuals. As a solvent and transporting agent, it contains the most important nutrients and minerals. Similarly, water is increasing, dangerous pollutants, which bioaccumulate in terrestrial or aquatic organisms.
Posted on Nov-05-2020

125 BactoSense Detect Bacteria in Distribution Network - Innovations with Tangible Benefits
BactoSense is the automatic flow cytometer, which is specially developed according to the needs of the water industry for the microbiological monitoring of drinking water. It allows the determination of total microbial cell count (TCC) or intact cell count (ICC).
Posted on Nov-04-2020

818 Things to Know About Sigrist Aquascat
The Sigrist AquaScat measures the turbidity of potable water according to IEC 27027 using 90+° scattered light detection in a free-falling water stream. This turbidity meter usually comes with many benefits; two important amount that are, self-calibration, and non-contact measurement.
Posted on Nov-04-2020

151 Why Use Chlorine In Water Treatment?
Clean water is one of the important elements of life. Earth has about 1,400 million trillion litres of water available for every living and non-living things. Unfortunately, more than 97.5% is salty, while of the available freshwater, only less than 1% is within the reach of human beings.
Posted on Sep-26-2020

125 Why Use pH Measurement in Water Treatment?
The most significant indicators of water quality are its pH level. pH measurement scale goes from 0 to 14 and gauges the acid level or base quality of water. According to the pH readings, 7 is considered as neutral, reading under 7 is termed as acidic, and above 7 is alkaline.
Posted on Sep-26-2020

134 Why Healthy Bacteria Are Important In The Treatment Of Wastewater?
Any wastewater is polluted with various biological agents like protozoa, bacteria, fungi, viruses, roundworms and flatworms. Out of these microorganisms, the pathogenic bacteria like pneumonia, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterobacter cloacae etc.
Posted on Sep-26-2020

139 Why Choose Sigrist Aquascat For The Water Treatment?
Every water treatment operators aim to have a maintenance-free turbidity monitor. The Sigrist Aquascat helps with this regard. Yes, it uses a non-contact measurement around the free falling water jet along with automatic adjustment to cater to the demand.
Posted on Sep-26-2020

145 Know the Importance pH Measurement in Different Industries
The pH is a large quantity representing the chemical conditions of a solution. The pH can regulate food supply, biological functions, microbial activity and chemical behaviour.
Posted on Sep-08-2020

141 Know the Different Raw Water Treatment Process
For industrial companies that use a source of raw water for their factory, some form of raw water treatment system is typically needed to ensure an efficient process and quality product.
Posted on Sep-08-2020

154 Role of Turbidity in Drinking Water Treatment
Turbidity was initially meant as a qualitative indicator of the quality of drinking water, an indicator of the cloudiness or haziness of a stream. This is not a measure of individual particles in the water; this measures how much light reflected through the water impacts certain particles, or how much light reflects particles in the water.
Posted on Sep-08-2020

159 Importance of Turbidity Measurement in Water Plants!
Earth, although it is referred to as the blue planet, clean water is rare here. Shockingly, every year, contaminated water accounts for many deaths and, over 2 billion people worldwide rely on an impure water source.
Posted on Aug-19-2020

158 Everything about Measuring Turbidity in the Brewery!
The haze in beer is something the chemistry world refers to as turbidity. Haze can result from polyphenols, proteins, and even carbohydrates in colloidal form.
Posted on Aug-19-2020