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64 The Most Dangerous Gases in the Mining Industry
Do you know the mining industry ranks fifth in worker fatalities by all industry groups across Australia? It is no wonder working in mines comes with certain challenges.
Posted on Mar-31-2021

61 Turbidity Monitor - A Simple Way to Measure the Quality of Drinking Water
Do you know contaminated water causes over 485,000 deaths every year? Yes! Studies show that over 2 billion people rely on impure water resource, and 144 million have access to only surface water.
Posted on Mar-31-2021

61 Reasons to Invest in Portable Gas Detectors
So you own a facility that contains hazardous gas in the atmosphere that can be harmful to your workers if they are exposed. You are probably looking for effective solutions to enhance the safety of the working environment for your employees.
Posted on Mar-31-2021

61 A Guide to Choosing the Right Gas Detectors
We really don’t enjoy the loud, piercing noise and strobing lights of fire alarms. But, we can’t underestimate the importance of Flame Detector. From industrial environments to complex hazardous processes, the risk of explosion is a critical concern.
Posted on Mar-31-2021

56 Know the Importance of Calibrating Gas Detectors
Worksites, particularly industrial environments, have many hazardous to watch out for. Many hazardous substances are present in the atmosphere that can’t be detected through the human senses.
Posted on Mar-31-2021

124 Detect the Presence of Bacteria in the Water Treatment Plant with Bactosense
Bactosense is the automatic online flow cytometer for microbiological monitoring of drinking water, which detect the bacteria in distribution network.
Posted on Dec-17-2020

118 Reasons Why Sigrist Aquascat is a Popular Option Today
The AquaScat is the latest generation from Sigrist for the measurement of turbidity at 90o as per ISO7027.
Posted on Dec-17-2020

136 Things to Know About Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems
How to protect industrial processes from fire and dust explosion? Research shows that focussing on detecting sparks has less effect than first thought.
Posted on Dec-17-2020

96 The Fixed Fire Protection System; Firefly Quick Suppression System 101
When protecting critical machinery or high-risk areas from fires a fixed fire protection system is important.
Posted on Dec-16-2020