Barbara Knox's Article in Elderly Care

156 What Causes Hearing Loss In The Elderly?
It is normal to experience a number of changes in the functions of the body as one ages. Loss of hearing is one among them. This is a common condition which influences older adults.
Posted on Oct-21-2020

143 How Can You Reduce The Risk Of Falls In The Elderly?
Did you know, falls can be the major cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries in seniors aged above 65? Yes, about 3 million seniors are hospitalised manually after a fall, more than 27,000 of whom breathe their last breath after falling.
Posted on Oct-21-2020

199 How to Choose Retirement Homes for Senior Living?
Retirement is an exciting phase, which is filled with newprospects andoptions.
Posted on Jun-20-2020

184 What Are The Advantages Of Moving To A Senior Living Community?
Well, if you are reading this, you are either nearing retirement or have recently retired.
Posted on Mar-30-2020

207 Find Your Ideal Retirement Village with these 5 Essential Tips
Retirement villages are all about catering to your requirements and lifestyle.
Posted on Feb-26-2020

203 How Retirement Villages Promote a Healthier Lifestyle for Older Adults
Retirement villages in Australia have been attracting the senior population for the enhanced quality of living being offered.
Posted on Feb-21-2020

216 Benefits of Home Care
The majority of ageing Australians wish to remain living in their own homes for as long as possible.
Posted on Jan-31-2020

197 The grass is always greener, at a UPA Retirement Village
Are you thinking that it’s time to downsize from your large family home but you’re not sure where to go?
Posted on Jan-22-2020