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398 What can Home Caregivers do for your aged Parents and their safety?
Have your parents said that they want to stay in their own home no matter what? Well, that shouldn't be surprising. In fact, 87% of adults aged above 65 wanted to stay in their home and community as they age. As an adult child, this can be quite difficult for you as you wanted to ensure that your parents are safe at home.
Posted on Nov-20-2020

161 How Do You Calm An Elderly Person With Anxiety?
Usually everyone is so focussed on the physical health of the elderly that we forget to pay attention to their mental health. According to various researches, additionally being at high risk population for COVID-19, the elderly are at increased anxiety and stress. This could probably be due to the limited agility and missing out of social life.
Posted on Sep-28-2020

150 What Are The Qualities To Look For In A Good Caregiver?
When you are looking to choose an in-home caregiver for seniors, it is important to understand that you need to find a professional that is licensed and treat your loved one with same respect and kindness as you would do.
Posted on Sep-28-2020

141 How Do You Prepare Yourself For Aging?
When visualising the later years, many think about having the family by their sides. But, due to the changing lifestyle patterns, divorce, separated or widowed, more adults live without a partner.
Posted on Aug-25-2020

162 Is It Okay For An Alzheimer’s Patient To Live Alone?
It is important to reside in a place that is safe and comfortable for everyone, especially for the people with Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Having Alzheimer’s or dementias doesn’t mean that the person is incapable of living alone.
Posted on Aug-25-2020

154 What Are the Benefits of Retirement Village Living?
If you are nearing your retirement or has already retired recently, you might be thinking if you should stay in your home or relocate. In case if you are a considering relocation, choosing the ideal place to live during your retirement phase is an important decision to make.
Posted on Jul-24-2020

151 What Should I Look For When Choosing An Aged Care Home?
Whether you are looking out for aged care homes Sydney for your ageing parent, elderly spouse or a close family friend, choosing the right facility can be a daunting task. There are many elements to consider, from location, cleanliness, staff qualifications, and even the available food options.
Posted on Jul-15-2020

207 Why Is Fall Prevention Important In Older Adults?
Falls are identified to be the cause of deaths and hospitaladmittances in the elderly.
Posted on Jun-20-2020

180 What to Expect in an Elderly Residential Care Home?
A good care home provides a friendly and caring home environment for the elderly citizens. The aged care homes Sydney, are a home-like setting for the elderly people, who require assisted living but might be overwhelmed by larger communities.
Posted on May-11-2020

136 How to Help Elderly Parents Adjust To Retirement LivingFacility?
Transitioning your elderly parents into a senior living facility is not that easy.
Posted on Apr-13-2020