Christopher Brown's Article in Fashion

1479 Jewelry in York: Jewelry Stores in York Provide a Variety of Services
Along with selling jewelry, a jeweler is trained to provide a vast array of services, such as designing jewelry in York, repairing damaged jewelry, engraving and providing appraisals of various jewelry pieces for their customers.
Posted on Jul-29-2013

924 How to Save Money on Diamond Jewelry
Diamond jewelry is a gift loved by women, but a gift many men find difficult to pick out. Diamonds are an expensive purchase usually reserved for a big event such as getting engaged or a special anniversary.
Posted on Apr-13-2013

699 The Cure For the Common Designer: Mind the Chap
Have you ever walked into a party and noticed that you were wearing the exact same shirt as five other guys? Met some friends out to dinner only to find that you all were dressed like identical twins?
Posted on Jan-23-2013

655 Finding Unique Men's Clothing for Your Stylish Guy
Climbing Mt. Everest with your hands tied behind your back. Running a marathon wearing high heels. Building a Porche out of toothpicks.
Posted on Jan-23-2013