Christopher Brown's Article in Real Estate

1044 How Real Estate Agents Can Help Sell a Home
When it comes to buying and selling property, increasingly people are looking for alternatives to real estate agents. They use For Sale by Owner tactics and the Internet to try and sell a home. As busy as people are today, they may not have time to do all of this work themselves.
Posted on Jul-29-2013

908 Increase Property Value by Installing Professional Landscaping
These days with the real estate market still in the doldrums in some areas of the country, it’s important to find ways to increase property value.
Posted on Jul-04-2013

702 Seattle: The Crown Jewel of the Pacific Northwest
Seattle, one of America’s most livable and vibrant cities, has much to offer its residents.
Posted on Jan-07-2013

924 Bellingham, WA: A Belle By Any Name
“We,” proclaimed the local residents, “are Fairhaven.” “No, we’re not,” argued their cross-town rivals. “We are Whatcom.” Whathaven? Faircom?
Posted on Jan-06-2013

662 Wallingford - Seattle's Peculiar Neighborhood
Many places have been described as quaint, but none embody the word more than Seattle's peculiar north central neighborhood of Wallingford.
Posted on Jan-06-2013