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1044 Easily Solve iPhone Notes Icon Missing
One of the most useful apps on the new iPhone 5, but also iPhone in general is the notes app. It comes pre-installed and it's fairly easy to use. Just open it up and write what you want to remember, in a textbook style.
Posted on Apr-24-2013

1007 You Can Never Loose Data From iPhone
Over a period of time the popularity of iPhone has been increasing with more and more people getting inclined towards the same. The phone has been able to gain such popularity due to the functions that it has in offer.
Posted on Apr-21-2013

1126 How to Enter DFU Mode?
There are a lot of people who have been using iPhone from a long time now and the remaining have either recently got on them or are planning to get on one.
Posted on Apr-21-2013

882 How to Exit DFU mode on iPhone?
DFU or Device Firmware Upgrade is a special state in most of Apple devices. It enables you to control certain aspects of the phone without prior loading of the operating system.
Posted on Apr-21-2013

864 Recover deleted photos/videos from blackberry bold the easier and effective way
Smartphones have become the order of the day. With people around the world using mobile phones for different purposes and utilities and not just for calling, these smartphones have gained in popularity.
Posted on Apr-15-2013

727 Recover the lost photo or data files from you SD card on Mac
Secure Digital (SD) memory cards are popularly used in many devices such as the digital cameras, mobile phones, smartphones, camcorders and many other gaming devices. The flash cards provide for easy to use and save memory slots that are extremely compact, secured and safe.
Posted on Apr-13-2013

686 Photo Loss In Data Transfer
I and my family arrange a vacation trip every year. Last year we went to Venice and it was a wonderful experience. We captured every precious moment while staying there which would serve a memory in future.
Posted on Apr-03-2013

10234 HTC Sensation Recovery
Once in a while we come across a scenario in which we accidently delete something important in our smart phone. Mostly, they are the gallery items such as videos, pictures etc which get affected.
Posted on Apr-03-2013

813 How to burn a dvd from iMovie
When movie making has now hiked passion for a large group of people there formatting and preservation is also an up most task for them. Giving one’s hard work and dedication in making a move to its finest
Posted on Mar-27-2013

717 How to copy your favorite movie to DVD
When long term preserving of videos, movies and camera videos are needed, one wish to get a DVD converted format. It enables secure and easy sharing amongst friends and family. Nowadays iDVD is not supported by many renowned devices such as Apple.
Posted on Mar-27-2013

660 Want to convert avi files to iTunes?
Watching movies on iPods, iPods and other devices are a great experience but on playing files like avi and other formats on IPads and iPods, we are facing problems like unsupported media and all.
Posted on Mar-18-2013

602 The Long Awaited 85th Academic Awards with Surprising Results
Academy awards, now known as Oscar, is given for the outstanding and excellence in cinematic achievements. It is one of the prestigious awards for an Actor, Director and all those who involves in making a film. In 1929, the first Oscar award was given.
Posted on Mar-14-2013

582 Taguchi Engineering in Robust Design Optimization
When it comes to the field of design of experiments methodology, Genichi Taguchi, a Japanese engineer and author is one of the best known names around.
Posted on Feb-13-2013

540 Things to Consider When Performing Multidisciplinary Optimization Projects
Life is about making decisions. Most people attempt to make the “best” decision within a specified set of possible decisions. This same theory is what drives multidisciplinary optimization projects and is the stimulus behind multi-disciplinary optimization software, such as Optimus Software.
Posted on Feb-13-2013

493 The Design of Experiments (DOE) Method And How It's Used in Optimus Software
The design of experiments (DOE) method is a statistical methodology that projects the best possible set of experiments needed in a design space to derive the most relevant and accurate information or outcome for a particular project.
Posted on Feb-13-2013

536 Tips About Converting MP4 to iMovie
One may be wondering as to why the iMovie MP4 conversion is necessary at all. After all, isn’t iMovie supposed to support the mp4 format too? If so, then the conversion seems to be entirely a waste of time.
Posted on Jan-08-2013

600 The Best Converters to Convert VOB to iMovie
Most people fail to realise the importance of an iMovie vob converter simply because they feel that such software should not be necessary. Thus, most people often end up trying to directly view and edit their VOB files on the iMovie.
Posted on Jan-08-2013

10133 How to Burn Video_ts to DVD
Before one can understand the need to convert Video_ts files to DVD, one must learn what Video_ts files are in general. Video_ts is the short form of ‘Video transport system’.
Posted on Jan-08-2013

629 Some Ways to Convert WMV to MOV Fast Without Losing Quality
Before one can learn how to convert WMV to MOV files without compromising on the quality, one would probably want to know why the conversion is necessary at all.
Posted on Jan-07-2013

560 How to Convert AVI to iMovie Free
Most people who use any Apple device would know why converting avi to iMovie free is important. It is not uncommon for people to own a lot of video files in the common avi format.
Posted on Jan-07-2013

527 Using Numerical Optimization and Parametric Modeling Techniques For Design Optimization
Today, optimization methods feed critical information in the decision making process of the most challenging engineering and planning projects.
Posted on Jan-04-2013

529 Leveraging Multi Disciplinary Optimization Software To Streamline Your Product Development Process
In today’s fast moving development environment, engineering and IT departments are constantly searching for any ability to streamline the product development process. Multi-disciplinary optimization is the key to effective and efficient operations and development.
Posted on Jan-04-2013

680 How a Design of Experiments Software Solution Can Save Engineers Time
In today’s competitive landscape, engineers and design teams are constantly searching for ways to save time, money and valuable resources. One of the current best methods to do so is the utilization of design of experiments (DOE) tools.
Posted on Jan-04-2013

883 The Importance Of Annotating PDF Files On Mac
It is necessary to use PDF tools to annotate PDF files in daily work and study. This article is talking about why people need to annotate PDF files and introduced a useful PDF editor.
Posted on Dec-03-2012