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407 Why Area Rug Cleaning Should Be Left to the Professionals in Seattle
Area rugs are a great addition to any room, and they add color, texture, and style to the space while providing a comfortable surface to walk on. However, area rugs can also accumulate dirt, dust, and allergens over time, impacting the air quality of your home or office.
Posted on Mar-26-2023

429 5 Reasons to Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning in Seattle
Your carpet is an essential component of your home's decor and comfort. However, it can also be a magnet for dirt, dust, and other pollutants affecting indoor air quality and causing allergies or respiratory issues.
Posted on Mar-26-2023

499 Keep Germs Out of Your Carpet – Professional Carpet Cleaning Services
Did you know your carpet can hold dirt four times its weight? Carpets are the comfortable and aesthetically appealing flooring option, but dust, pet dander, bacteria, and more can get accumulated on them easily.
Posted on Dec-14-2021

415 Rookie Mistakes People Make with Leather Cleaning
The unmatched elegance of leather furniture appeals to homeowners. One of the biggest advantages of leather is that it is durable and lasts for many years, provided they are maintained well. However, people barely pay attention to leather cleaning. When they do, they make mistakes leading to extensive damage.
Posted on Feb-13-2020

402 Safeguard Your Health with Regular Carpet Cleaning
Several homeowners underappreciate the importance of regularly cleaning their carpets. Carpet cleaning is undoubtedly a tedious task that requires sufficient time and effort to complete. However, periodic carpet cleaning is vital to safeguard the health of you and your family or employees.
Posted on Feb-12-2020

418 The Goodness of Carbonated Carpet Cleaning Explained
Clean and dust-free carpet is necessary to maintain the health of you and your family. The two common approaches to Carpet cleaning include dry cleaning and steam cleaning. The latter is found to be beneficial and effective when compared to dry cleaning, as it thoroughly washes the carpet and gets rid of the dirt.
Posted on Jan-06-2020