Gene Chakos's Article in Home Improvement

243 Don’t Spend Your Weekend Cleaning – Hire the Professionals Now to Leave Your Home Looking and Smelli
Most of us would prefer to spend our weekends or evenings doing the things we enjoy rather than cleaning up after ourselves, whether it’s at home or work.
Posted on Jul-22-2022

427 Dirty Carpets Can Open You Up to Liability Concerns
Do you have a difficult time keeping the carpet clean in your home or business.
Posted on Oct-21-2019

605 Should You Include Upholstery Cleaning in Your Facility’s Cleaning Program
A facility that looks clean and tidy creates a good, positive impact on employees and customers.
Posted on Oct-15-2019

442 Is Your Home Ready for an Action-packed Summer?
Wet feet, cold days, and more time spent indoors are gone, and the warmer weather is in!
Posted on Jun-11-2019